No Man’s Sky is Getting a Free Next-Gen Upgrade

As we all know, No Man’s Sky had quite the tumultuous launch release back in 2016. However, since it’s release, it has gotten continuous, large-scale updates to make it a much better game. It’s gotten to the point where it’s considered one of the bigger comebacks of the still current generation.

And it shows no signs of stopping. It was just announced that No Man’s Sky is getting a huge updated titled No Man’s Sky: Next Generation for both the Xbox Series and PS5. Arriving day one on both systems as well.

It’s honestly nothing short of amazing the level of comeback No Man’s Sky did. What was an ambitious game turned laughing stock is now an overall very solid game that gives you plenty of things to do.

This update increase it’s value even more with it being upscaled to newer hardware. It also provides better base building, 32 player multiplayer. If you want to see the trailer, here it is.

Overall Thoughts On No Man’s Sky: Next Generation

This is a really good move by Hello Games. The game is already considered great by a heck of a lot of people and this just makes it better. And it’s for free for owners of the game and who doesn’t want that? There’s really no downside with this announcement and provides more value for the consoles.

What do you all of think of this? How do you think Hello Games handled this game? Whatever your thoughts are, let us know what you think in the comments.

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