No Man’s Sky Companions Update Has Added Pets

The first major update for No Man’s Sky in 2021 launched today, titled Companions. You can find the announcement made by Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, here. The update takes interactions with creatures “to a whole new level”, he shared.

The Companions update for No Man’s Sky introduces a range of new interactions with the many creatures you’ll encounter whilst adventuring. Previously, players could feed animals and ride them, a feature introduced in 2018’s Beyond update. Now, you’ll be able to adopt one as your very own pet. You can bring it along on your adventures to form a deep bond, and train your pet to help you with various tasks, such as mining or hunting. You can adopt up to six companions at one time, according to the patch notes.

For your companion to thrive, they will need food and attention throughout your journey. This will develop your bond, making the creature want to help you more. Over time, your companion will start to use accessories, such as the mining laser, as they explore. You can customise your companion with a variety of different accessories and decals, and you can also rename them.

As your connection grows, so will your companion’s personality. Whilst at first their characteristics are defined by their species and ecosystem, Sean explains that this develops as you grow closer. The patch notes specify that every creature’s personality is unique, although certain traits are more commonly found in certain species. A creature’s personality influences how they think and behave. You can understand your companion’s thoughts thanks to a neural harness connected to your Exosuit, which will translate all their feelings.

Once you have developed a deep connection with your new best friend, they may lay eggs. These can be collected and either traded for units, or incubated and hatched. The new-born baby can join you on your adventure too, so you can witness it grow into an adult.

Those looking to make a big profit can take the eggs to the new Egg Sequencer on the Space Anomaly. There, players can genetically modify their eggs to create new species that could be worth a lot of money. This introduces a whole new aspect to the in-game economy, and could prove to provide a lucrative lifestyle. Overdosing eggs in the Sequencer may cause dramatic egg reconfigurations, meaning we will see ‘never-before-seen creatures’, according to the patch notes.

The No Man’s Sky Companions update launches for free today. If you don’t already own the game, you can purchase it here. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also download it as part of their subscription.

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