New The Sims 4 Expansion: Eco Lifestyle

EA recently announced the latest expansion for their popular life simulation, The Sims 4. This new content , Eco Lifestyle and there’s no prizes for guessing what it’s all about.

On May 6th the Eco Lifestyle trailer premiered on YouTube, showing off some of the content that players can expect when this expansion officially releases on June 5th 2020.

Eco Lifestyle Trailer

Sustainable living is at the heart of this new expansion, players will be able to produce their own electricity with items like solar panels and wind turbines and even collect water with the interestingly named, dew collectors.

No eco-lifestyle would be complete without a good bit of dumpster diving, Sims will be able to find ‘tasty’ treats and components they can use to craft goods like fizzy juices and eco-candles, and these all can be sold to make those all-important Simoleons.

Bringing the community together is a large focus of eco-lifestyle. With all sims chipping in ideas and effort to help clean up the neighborhood. Who wants to live in a smoggy neighborhood right?!

The Eco Lifestyle expansion introduces a neighborhood voting feature through new voting boards, Sims can decide what Neighborhood Action Plans are implemented each week with these choices having a direct effect on the world your sim lives in. If your sim is not a hands-on eco-warrior you may see nature and the local fauna and flora disappearing and the skies becoming smoggier. So make sure you choose the right sustainable power source and keep the neighborhood as litter free as possible.

The neighbor action plan votes can be swayed too, so schmoozing with like-minded crafters and activists will help you pass the action plan you prefer.

New home owners can find it hard to set up their homes on a budget but in this content expansion sims can furnish their new homes by rummaging around in dumpsters. So, if your sim is not above sleeping on a pre-loved mattress or cooking on a slightly soiled stove then this is a great option for them.

The sustainability feature doesn’t end with home furnishings and power sources either; clothing options are also sustainable. Fabrics and materials can be reused and recycled to produce fashionable garments too!

This sounds like a fun and in-depth expansion and introduces lots of new and interesting features. The thought that decisions and actions taken by players and their sims impact the look and feel of the world is very appealing.

Will you be taking up the eco-challenge and playing this new Sims 4 expansion? Tell us in the comments below, and stay tuned to Generation Xbox for more on both The Sims 4 and everything else.

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