New Perfect Dark Finally Announced from The Initiative

Microsoft packed quite a punch at The Game Awards 2020, with one of the biggest surprises of the night coming from their new team, The Initiative. It was revealed, with a beautiful new trailer, that The Initiative are working on a new Perfect Dark game. This announcement comes after much speculation, with rumours swirling about a series revival for years.

In an article on Xbox Wire, Microsoft shared that this will be a reimagining of the IP. However, from the trailer, it is clear that the team are keen to keep the game’s original feeling. As the camera sweeps through the Datadyne building, there are many aesthetic and sound design choices that echo the original Rare game. It also seems that Joanna Dark, protagonist of the previous games, will be returning. You can see the new vision for the series in the trailer below.

The team at The Initiative did not give any release date, instead just promising more in the future. That’s very vague, so it seems like this game is a while away. However, after the years of rumours surrounding both this and Playground Games’ Fable, it’s great to finally have plenty to look forward to. The future is certainly looking bright for Xbox.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about The Initiative’s Perfect Dark revival soon. Of course, when it does release we can be confident that it will come to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

What do you think of the Perfect Dark revival? Are you excited to finally know what The Initiative have been working on? Did you expect something different? Let us know over on the forums or on our social media pages! Make sure to check out more from our team below:

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Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for more information when it arrives!

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