New Minecraft Dungeons DLC Confirmed

Minecraft Dungeons has only been out a matter of days. However, we already have our first DLC announcements for the block-based action-adventure. Mojang recently confirmed two new DLCs coming our way, sooner than you think. The first DLC is Jungle Awakens. This will release in July, just one month after Minecraft Dungeons

Jungle Awakens will provide players with three new missions, tasking them with defeating a new, mysterious power.

Should this DLC have just been added to the main game? Jungle Awakens will feature a lush and deadly new biome to the dungeon crawling game. There’ll be new jungle themed mobs too, like the jungle zombie and something known as the leapleaf??

As with the environments in Minecraft Dungeons, the Jungle location looks really great. The vibrant graphics and atmospheric shading really bring this location to life. The developers have also mentioned there will be new weapons, artifacts and armor too.
This is sure to freshen up the game for those that have already blasted through the relative short story mode of Minecraft Dungeons.

The second DLC will be Creeping Winter. As the name suggest this will likely be a snowy, frozen biome. Details are few and far between so far as the DLC will release later in 2020. My guess would be we will see more new weapons, artifacts and armor and again, new icy themed mobs. Maybe a creeper that, when it explodes, it freezes you in place?

As soon as we at Generation Xbox have any further details, we’ll be sure to let you know.

If you have purchased the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons you will automatically get access to these new DLC’s. If you bought the Standard Edition or own the game through Xbox Game Pass then there will be an additional cost.

The team behind Minecraft Dungeons has said they intend to release new, free content too so if you’re not looking to spend any more, maybe hold out for that.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these upcoming Minecraft Dungeons DLC’s so drop a comment below.

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