New Kingdom Hearts Games Coming Soon

Square Enix dropped a trailer today in which they showed off new games in the Kingdom Hearts series. The first game, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, will be a mobile game, and it releases next week on June 22nd. It looks to use a card mechanic similar to what Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories uses. This will also be the second mobile game in the franchise after Union X[Cross].

Later this year, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory releases which includes rhythmic gameplay. The staple trio, Sora, Donald, and Goofy, travel along a path fighting enemies in beat with music. However, we also saw both Hercules and Riku in different parts, so more characters are likely.

Besides those two games, there looks to be a release of the Kingdom Hearts 3 soundtrack as well as some new figures to buy. The release dates for both are not known at this time. Finally, observant viewers of the trailer might have noticed that there are two empty slots for the series’ 2nd Phase. This can be seen at the the 9 second mark in the video.

Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for continuing coverage on this and much more in the world of Xbox. And just recently, you’re now able to play the entirety of the franchise (besides the two mobile games) on Xbox. And as an added bonus they’re also on Game Pass. So go check them out!

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