My Top 5 Indie Games of 2020

Hello, me again – Sean from Generation Xbox – Telling you 5 of the indie games in 2020 that really excelled in my eyes.

2020 has been a tough year for all of us the games industry included, but to be fair we have had some brilliant games come out this year and some downright disappointing games – Cyberpunk 2077. It’s time to celebrate what the industry has brought us this year, even if it was sort of a write-off we still had fake E3 and Ubisoft forward and the indie studios had been pushing out some greats.

5. Grounded

Obsidian Entertainment brought us the action adventure Grounded, where you have to try and survive and fend off the mythical beasts you find in your own garden. You play a character that has been shrunk into some sort of weird miniature human who is smaller than a blade of grass. With stunning graphics and amazing soundtrack. Obsidian Entertainment is a great studio and I look forward to seeing what they bring out for 2021 especially with the new Xbox Series X. Grounded is also available on Xbox Game pass – go get it.

4. Streets of Rage 4

Coming in 4th place is Streets of Rage 4 – not just because it has 4 in the name actually. An all-time classic like Streets of Rage 4 had to be good and oh boy did they deliver. The action packed game with comic-like art style that cam with it’s very own battle mode that you could destroy all your friends in. The game also came with the original soundtrack from the original games and so you could jam along with that cleaning up the streets of the city. It also came with Boss rush mode that you and your friend could team up and clean up like pros being the best fighters around and that’s why this game is in my Top 5.

3. UnderMine

Undermine is a thrilling game, the 2D dungeon crawler is an exhilarating experience with beautiful characters procedurally generated mines and exceptional audio. You’re battling mobs, collecting power ups and potions, and the whole game just found me having a fantastic time while playing it and I would recommend buying it if you haven’t already or getting it on Xbox game pass just to feel the experience of how fun it really is. At the moment Thorium Entertainment – the studio that makes the game – has its hands full with UnderMine though I do hope to see more games from them in the future.

2. Moving Out

Moving Out is great fun for all the family or even just a crowd of mates the stressful situations you get yourselves into is inane sometimes. With its quirky graphics style and charming voice-overs, the game finds itself second on this list and if it wasn’t limited to only games that came out in 2020 it’s sister game Overcooked would be on this list too. I absolutely loved this game when played it with a mate, and we absolutely thrashed it throwing furniture across swimming pools and into the van in an attempt to get the fastest time and three stars – I can only apologize to the all the people whose furniture we virtually dismantled by throwing out windows and over garden fences.

1. Fall Guys

Fall Guys stormed the globe with it’s blobby people and insane obstacle courses that brought even the worst gamers to the top of the leaderboard. The game definitely divided people with many saying it was the most irritating game of the year but that was of course only when they were eliminated any other time everyone loved the game with its mini-games like Door dash, Block Party and Fall Ball – those being a few of my favorites. With the game having many mini-games and annoying people so much and just generally being extremely popular I’ve put this in first.

So there you go that’s my thoughts on what were some of the best indie games of 2020. Let’s hope for a better 2021 together with the next generations of consoles released and Microsoft buying a bunch of studios let’s hope to find some of the best games for next year in the coming months, even if we do have to isolate.

Of course this is just my top 5, What are yours? Let us know on our forums. And for all the latest on Xbox news check out our news page.

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