My Top 5 Games of the Year 2020

2020 Might’ve been not a very good year, real life-wise and gaming-wise. We haven’t seen a lot of fascinating releases this year. Even the big titles like Cyberpunk 2077 or The Last of Us Part 2 were disappointing in some aspects.

But other games were hopeful after their release, and that’s what exactly we’re discussing in this article. From my point of view, these games deserved the title “The Games of 2020”. Without further ado, let’s start.

5: Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea Review

Playing Call of The Sea was like a small ride. It felt huge. But in the end, it was me who enjoyed it so much that I thought it was huge.

I liked the game a lot going through these puzzles from the easiest to the more requiring. I think this is the first game that made me use The Journal. Every time I go through the game, I uncover a missing part from the big puzzle.

Call of the Sea is just 5 hours of playing through, but let me tell you. If you plan on not following any guides you will 100 percent be stuck with some puzzles. Being stuck at puzzles a lot is what actually Out of the Blue wanted to do with you as a player. I kept stuck at some puzzles of the game actually, the fun part is not being stuck, It is about uncovering the whole puzzle.

Cissy Jones and Yuri Lowenthal’s voice acting was incredible. The Spanish studio, Out of the Blue Games, showed their passion for puzzling and narrative games.

4: Hades

Hades is not my type of game at all, but somehow Supergiant Games managed to make me continue the game until the end.

I would doubt my consciousness if Hades isn’t on my Top 5 Games of the year. First, Hades‘ gameplay is like the fascinating toy that you kept seeing in the toy store but couldn’t achieve it. When you get it, It’s just as good as It was shown in the toy store. When you finally get to play Hades, It’s just different. Because It’s better than what they showed me; The gameplay is giga-fun.

From the reasonable narrative that Hades brings to the non-stop fun gameplay that won’t make you stop slashing ghosts, Hades is definitely a recommended game if you like the Rogue-like genre.

3: Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch studio knew the genre they were dealing with. Ghost of Tsushima is a piece of narrative art that the gaming community needed in 2020.

I’ve always been fascinated and seduced by Japanese history. As a result, knowing a that game telling a tale that occurs in Feudal Japan was a no-brainer purchase for me. As 2020 wasn’t that much of a great year, Ghost of Tsushima surprised me to turn well after Sony’s recent controversy of some of their latest games. Ghost of Tsushima turns out to be fun in a lot of moments.

Ghost of Tsushima enjoys a well-written narrative, as clarified above. The combat system is fascinating for me. The Soundtrack was absolutely wonderful. If Ghost of Tsushima was a book, I’m pretty sure that my investment is worth it.

2: Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal. It’s the game that we didn’t deserve, but the game we needed. Sometimes you feel like you want to do something weird and unfamiliar, like killing Demons probably, pretty much Doom Eternal is your game.

I’ve been a secret Doom fan, probably not an OG Fan of the series, but I’ve always liked what id Software brings with Doom. Their latest title was in my opinion, one of the most thrilling and rewarding Dooms to shoot unholy demons in.

Listening to heavy metal Doom-like theme could be one of the best things this year to do. Killing Demons with every unimaginable way a person can’t think about while sitting on your crouch waving your mouse and clicking buttons or moving small sticks.

Describing Doom: Eternal with words can’t be enough to address everything in it. It’s my recommendation to you personally. Especially if you are a fan of Shooting games (specifically the ones that demons are your target in).

1: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

My Top 5 Games of the Year: Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

It’s been quite a while for me to see a sequel that is better than the original game. Yes, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is better than Ori and the Blind forest. And yes, Ori and the Will of the Wasps is my title of the year.

Although I’m not your average Platforming/Adventure fan, I liked Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I don’t think I just liked it. I might’ve fallen in love with the game in sincerely every aspect. The visuals are lovely. The choice of the art style is very appropriate.

Further More, Your willingness to continue playing the game “the plot” is considerably very reasonable and well written, not even a glimpse I felt contradictions between me going through Ori and The Will of The Wisps and what the developer delivers to me.

The intention of Ori and the Will of the Wisps developer is to make you immersed with every moment of the game. As well as The music and It’s instruments that feel like magical instruments from Ori and the Will of the Wisps world, They kept the visual style from the first game which is one of their many greatest decision about Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

If I could mark 2020 with a name, It would be the year of the Indie games. A lot of shining games that we didn’t mention were indies like: Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knock Out, Spiritfarer, Cloudpunk, No Straight Roads.

Those were in my opinion, the Top 5 Games of the year 2020. What are your top 5 games of 2020? head to our Forums and rank your top 5 games from least to best.

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