Multiplayer Reveal: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

After the worldwide campaign reveal a few weeks ago, Call of Duty fans have been eagerly awaiting information on multiplayer. Today, developer Treyarch gave us a sneak peek at what the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer has in store.

Summary (TL;DR):

  • Large, geographically diverse maps
  • Tons of new weapons and vehicles
  • Three new multiplayer modes on top of the classics: VIP Escort, Combined Arms Domination, Fireteam, and a Zombies teaser
  • Updates to Gunsmith, Create-A-Class, Scorestreaks, and player physics
  • Cross-Platform and Cross-Generation enabled
  • Warzone progression carries over to Black Ops Cold War

Oh, The Places You’ll Go…

The show starts out with some gameplay footage set to “Notorious” by Duran Duran. The 80’s are back baby! And Call of Duty is fully embracing it. The opening scene starts in the Miami night, a neon jungle of clubs, palm trees, and sandy beaches. But the action hits quick and bullets start flying.

Cut to the ocean with wave runners engaged in combat. This looks awesome! I start imagining the possibilities of combat on the open water. Following shortly thereafter are Angola (a desert map), Uzbekistan (a snowy tundra), the Ural Mountains (heavily forested), and Moscow (exactly what you would expect).

My takeaway from these opening map and location reveals is the amount of diversity is truly incredible. In Modern Warfare most of the maps, while distinct, don’t feel drastically different in setting. Black Ops Cold War takes the approach in the opposite direction and has what appears to be a worldwide adventure. Some maps also appear to be quite large, opening the possibility for more strategic play.

Multiplayer Modes

The classics are all definitely making their return: Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Control, Domination, Kill Confirmed, etc. It’s noted that Hardpoint will have an updated spawn system for improved balance during the game. And as bonus, the traditional mini-map is back! Several new game modes for multiplayer were announced today as well.

VIP Escort

This brand-new multiplayer mode is a 6v6 objective-based operation. One player is randomly chosen as the VIP, and their only goal is to stay alive. With a loadout of a pistol and a smoke grenade, they don’t have much fire power. But the VIP’s five teammates do! It’s up to them to protect the VIP from the attacking team at all costs. This may mean creating diversions or going in guns blazing, depending on the situation. The goal is to escort the VIP to one of two extraction sites. If you do get shot down, Last Stand revive and the ability to revive teammates is available.

Combined Arms Domination

This is where vehicular combat and infantry gameplay collide. In the new 12v12 mode, player will work to capture objectives across the map by any means necessary. There is a really cool scene in the trailer showing two guys on a wave runner chasing after another wave runner engaged in combat. I absolutely cannot wait!


Finally, Fireteam is a new mode that features 40 players in 10 teams of four. They battle on large-scale maps while completing objectives. More details on this mode will be reveled during the Open Beta.


It appears Zombies will make it’s return to Call of Duty, with a very brief teaser at the very end of the show. I look forward to more details as we approach launch!

Signature Combat

Everything from the way your gun looks, to how it fires, and to how it sounds have all been improved. Adding specific weapons from the Cold War era is just one touch the Treyarch team added. Create-A-Class replaces the old “pick 10” loadout model. Now players have the ability to select a primary and secondary weapon, along with lethal and tactical grenades, multiple wildcards, and perks for each loadout. Additionally, Field Upgrades are part of create-a-class, showcasing Cold War-era gadgets and artillery to call in. Gunsmith has been enhanced, with up to 54 customization options and up to eight attachments per gun (five without the wildcard to increase).

Scorestreaks have maybe one of the best improvements yet: you can still earn them through death! No longer are you bound by staying alive to be rewarded with a Scorestreak. This is a really nice update, and makes the game a bit more accessible for all players. But players who do get multiple kills in a life cycle will earn higher scores quicker through multipliers.

Player physics & movement also gets an upgrade in Black Ops Cold War. Sprint will be unlimited, but have an initial burst of speed followed by a more realistic running pace. Slides will start and end on a crouch, and player sounds will change not only when crouched but by the speed of their movement. Finally, jumping off ledges will slow the player down a hair as it does in real life.

Connected Experience

Huge news tucked away at the end of the presentation informed us that Black Ops Cold War will be cross-platform and cross-generation enabled. This is the first Call of Duty game to do offer both, and really opens up the player base.

On top of the multiplayer experience listed above, the next era of Warzone will be linked directly with Black Ops Cold War. Players will be able to carry over progression from Warzone including all guns and upgrades. Battlepass will be back but also a stream of free content is expected post-launch.

Overall Impressions

Treyarch really came out ready to impress with today’s gameplay footage. The game itself looks very nice, with beautiful and diverse environments to play in. The addition of three new multiplayer modes will excite some, but the classics are here to stay. Overall, I’m very excited and plan to go pre-order today!

Be sure to stay tuned to Generation Xbox News for all the latest on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and the officially announced Xbox Series X!

Pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the Microsoft Store to get access to the Open Beta and an assault rifle blueprint for immediate use in Modern Warfare and Warzone.


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