MLB The Show Update Signals Possible Disappointment For Xbox Fans

When Major League Baseball extended its licensing agreement with Sony San Diego in December of 2019, gamers on Xbox and Nintendo platforms rejoiced. One of the very best sports games every year, the MLB The Show franchise, would no longer be exclusive to the PlayStation platform. A commitment was made in that announcement that MLB The Show would be a multi-platform title as early as 2021.

Then, Covid-19 changed life as we know it, including the development cycles for our favorite video games. The original hope was that MLB The Show 21 would be the first iteration of the franchise to be on all consoles. According to a recent bit of news out of Brazil, it appears that may not be the case.

Recent reports indicate that the Brazilian Ratings Board has rated the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of MLB The Show 21 – but not any other version. While that doesn’t mean anything is set in stone, it does indicate that players on Xbox and Nintendo Switch might have to wait one more year to get their hands on a baseball simulation not named RBI Baseball.

Sony San Diego has promised an update on MLB The Show 21 in February, so we’ll learn a lot more then. The game typically releases in late March, so news would have to be on the way soon if Sony San Diego is hoping to hit the desired launch window.

The MLB The Show franchise features an in-depth baseball simulation with multiple game modes, including online and offline season modes. The Road to the Show “be a pro” mode is a regular fan favorite, and Diamond Dynasty routinely stands out as one of the best “ultimate team” type modes in sports games every year.

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