Mixer is Shutting Down

After a little over 4 years, Xbox announced today that Mixer would be shutting down. They basically decided that the time it would take to grow the service would not be worth it in the end. Instead, they’ve teamed up with Facebook Gaming to allow streamers and content creators to seamlessly transition to Facebook.

Streamers who were partnered will get partner status on Facebook. Viewers with Embers left in their account will have it converted into an Xbox Gift Card. The full announcement on the switch can be read here.

Late last year, perhaps the biggest streamer in the world, Ninja, announced he was moving from Twitch to Mixer. Unfortunately for Microsoft, this didn’t seem to translate into more viewers joining their platform. This also looks to be a wasted investment as it’s rumored they paid millions for the streamer to come to the platform.

The technology behind Mixer will be used in Microsoft Teams, the companies answer to things like Zoom and Skype. Time will tell if they’ll be able to compete.

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