Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs Bring a New Frontier

With Minecon happening through a live stream due to Covid-19 this weekend, we got a glimpse at the next major update coming to the world of Minecraft. The Caves and Cliffs update is coming in the Summer of 2021 and promises to fundamentally change the world of Minecraft. We got a look at new biomes, new mobs, and new mechanics that will change how you explore the world.

Caves are fundamentally changing

Mojang is changing the way the caves work in the world of Minecraft. They showed off a new generation system that will make caves have a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some caves will be entirely underwater and can link to other cave systems to explore. Biomes will also generate in several of these styles.

Improved Cave Generation

Lush Cave Biome

One of these new biomes is the Lush Cave biome. Discoverable by following the root system of a new tree, the azalea tree, on the surface of the overworld. The Lush Caves are filled with wildlife, including several new blocks. The spore blossom is a block that releases spores to create an ambient design that can be used to enhance players’ builds. The glow berry is a new plant that can be found on vines that also serves as a light source to light up the cave. Finally is the dripleaf plant, which is a block that when stood on for too long, will drop the player. This will allow creators to be able to enhance platforming builds with a new element of difficulty.

Mojang also unveiled a brand new mob that lives within the Lush Cave biome. The axolotl is an aquatic mob that can be captured in buckets and brought with you anywhere you go. Mojang also showed that if you bring them to the ocean with you they will fight against other mobs with you. Axolotls will play dead when hit by another mob and during this time they will heal themselves before jumping back into the fray. The developers also hinted that axolotls can heal the players in certain situations.

Lush Cave Biome

Dripstone Caves

Stalagmites and stalactites finally make their debut in Minecraft in the new Dripstone biome. However, when broken they do not fall to gravity as gravel and sand do. They also can serve as a renewable water source for cauldrons when placed directly underneath a stalactite. Meanwhile, stalagmites cause damage when fallen on by mobs and players alike.

Dripstone Cave Biomes

Venture into the Deep Dark of Minecraft

Deep in the Minecraft underground lies the Deep Dark biome. Home to a brand new mob, The Warden, that will force players have to navigate this biome very slowly. The Warden is the first blind mob in Minecraft and locates players using vibrations from movement. We see in the reveal that he kills the player in two hits. Later the developer revealed that he was wearing a full set of netherite armor.

We also see a new block, the shulk sensor, as well as a new mechanic, wool occlusion. Skulk sensors pick up on vibrations from movement and send out a wireless redstone signal. This will open up a new world of possibilities for redstone engineers. Wool occlusion is a new system where you can place wool around a shulk sensor to trap the signal and keep it from going out in specific directions. Things like pistons cause movements, which while using a shulk sensor would cause an infinite loop. Wool blocks allow you to control the piston using a shulk sensor while preventing an infinite loop.

Bundles of New Resources

Mojang revealed several new resources being added to the caves to further enhance player’s spelunking escapades. We got a look at the new rare amethyst geodes, which provide players the opportunity to obtain crystals. In addition to being a beautiful sight to behold, players can use these crystals, in combination with copper, to create a brand new telescope.

Copper also made its debut as a brand new building block. Copper can be found underground in veins, compared to the normal blob that most ores are found in. Mojang stated that making copper a more linear vain is to help explore a more strategic exploration for players. Copper has a new feature compared to other building blocks. As time passes on after being places, copper will oxidize and turn from a copper color to a more green color similar to that of the Statue of Liberty.

One of the final items that Mojang revealed today finally addresses the problem of inventory management. Bundles are a new item allow players to combine stacks of sixty-four of different items, compared to the normal sixty-four of one item.

Harness Your Inner Indiana Jones

Mojang unveiled one final surprise during the reveal, archeology excavations. Scattered across the world will be abandoned excavations for players to explore. Armed with a new tool, the brush, players will be able to uncover items such as blocks of diamonds and emeralds as well as relics from a past age of Minecraft. While Mojang has never given us the full history of Minecraft and has stated it never plans too, these relics allow players to see a glimpse of life within the Minecraft world. However, just like real archeology, if you do not uncover these items with care and caution they will break and be lost forever.

Archeology Site

In addition to all of the cave updates, a final new mob was announced for the overworld. Goats will be joining the rank of animal mobs in minecraft.

Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs update launches in the summer of 2021 and promises to be one of the largest updates the world of Minecraft has seen so far. Watch the full reveal below here!

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