MG-X Series: The New Game Changing Controllers

A new development has just occurred in the mobile gaming market. The French video gaming company NACON has just revealed a new line of controllers designed to work on smart devices with Xbox Cloud Gaming. The company has a history of providing high quality gaming peripherals and accessories for the leading games systems. It’s latest reveal, the MG-X Series, is really worth getting excited for.

What does the MG-X have that others don’t?

These aren’t the first controllers to come along for mobile devices. The Xbox’s own Elite Series 2 works fantastically well with smartphones. However, this option can be pretty pricey. It costs alot for quality. The other big downside is having to carry it around with you. It doesn’t exactly fit well in tight jeans. Even if it does come with a carry case, it’s cumbersome.

Other competitors, such as the Razer Kishi, have solved the problem of the bulky controller by making a collapsing controller that fits over the device itself. This option however has no Bluetooth enabled and requires the device’s own battery to operate. Battery life is a major obstacle for this option. These shortcomings have held these controllers back and MG-X Series have kept this in mind when designing their new controllers.

The MG-X Series Pro offers a more familiar feel.

That New Controller Smell

The new MG-X Series have the best of both worlds. A wireless Bluetooth controller which can fit any smartphone. These controllers come in two varieties. The Compact and the Pro. The Pro is most recognisably a classic Xbox style controller. It has all the same functionality and button layout of a standard issue Xbox One controller. The Compact is a sleeker option which retains the button layout but without the controller’s handles. This option is for people who prefer the convenience of the smaller form factor.

The MG-X will come in two colors, black and white. Additionally they will have custom button mapping and their own internal battery which will offer up to 20hrs of life. This will also save you having to recharge constantly.

Both will release in early 2021 and more information will be available closer to the launch date. But the future is already looking good for gamers looking to play on the go.

More information on the Xbox Cloud Gaming service can be found here. For more on the latest news, stay tuned to Generation Xbox.

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