Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Announced For N7 Day

On Saturday November 7th, BioWare announced on its blog that a complete remaster is coming for the Mass Effect trilogy in Spring of 2021. The studio GM of BioWare, Casey Hudson, wrote the post. The collection titled Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be faithful to the originals while improving the visuals. The collection will be released for current generation consoles with forward compatibility and enhancements for the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.

In the post Casey Hudson mentions that the goal is not to remake the original games, but to modernize them. She goes on to talk about higher quality textures, higher resolutions and frame rates to make all the games look and feel better, especially the original Mass Effect.

Teaser for the Next Chapter

Another very notable mention in the post is that BioWare is working on the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe! They mention they are looking forward to sharing what they can when the time comes, although it is in very early stages. What that could look like would be anyone’s guess! I’d love to see a continuation of the main series in the Milky Way galaxy myself!

This announcement comes on the seventh of November which is Mass Effects‘ celebratory day for the series. The day November 7th is significant to the series because of the acronym N7. N7 is the rank of humanities greatest soldiers in the Mass Effect universe such as the series protagonist Commander Shepard. BioWare always likes to put out Mass Effect news and information on November 7th.

For the full blog post click here!

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