Marvel’s Avengers Pre-Launch War Table

Marvel’s Avengers is release merely days from now and it’s having it’s last War Table before launch. Due to this, it was also pretty short, only lasting about 15 minutes. This War Table was mostly to show some small details and some post-launch content.

What was said content? Let’s begin the discussion of Marvel’s Avengers latest War Table.

Black Panther

The War Table started off with it paying respects to the late Chadwick Boseman, who died of colon cancer. This took the Internet by storm in an unfortunately sad way. We will all miss Chadwick Boseman and may he rest in peace.

It was hinted that Black Panther would become playable during this moment as they showed his logo. Wether or not that is the case remains to be seen but a hint was certainly dropped at the possibility. We’ll just have to wait for now.

Day One of Marvel’s Avengers

Day One was the section where discuss what the players can expect upon getting the game on launch day. As stated in previous discussions about it, they really want you to feel like you are playing these characters. Honestly, it’s rather surprising and admirable how much they went out of their way for fan service. Showcasing the Adaptoids and inspirations for the enemy mooks of the game.

They also weren’t afraid to show more cutscenes for the game that weren’t showcase beforehand, like showing Hulk beating up Iron Man.

Other things that were showcased were things like Villain Sectors, Events and Shield Vaults. Both of these features were made in mind to get the player to explore the map more for secrets and to keep them busy. The AIM Secret Lab is also this, but for more determined players as apparently, doing them to early will result in many a damaged controller.

Mega Hive

The Mega Hive as a new thing introduced in the War Table and Marvel’s Avengers. According to what we’ve been told, it’s a weekly mission feature to keep players busy with objectives to get new rewards for their characters. Pretty much a time killer for those who want more rewards and cosmetics for your character.

Kate Bishop: Taking Aim

The biggest piece of news of the War Table was the addition of Kate Bishop, coming to the game with her own story and abilities as the first post-launch content piece. Her story is heavily tied with Hawkeye and his mysterious disappearance.

We don’t know when Kate will drop after the game launches but it’s good to know that she’s coming and that she’s pretty far into development. She teleports, fires arrows and is pretty good at close-quarters despite her long range preference. She looks great and hopefully she’ll release without a hitch.

And That’s All Folks

Yeah, we weren’t kidding when we said this was a short War Table. It’s quite understandable why, however. Marvel’s Avengers is coming out on the 4th of September so saying more would spoil the unseen surprises.

For what they were trying to do, it was a pretty short & sweet stream. If you want to see the stream yourself, here is a link to the full presentation. It was a short one, but it did it’s job well to get people excited for the game’s launch. Hopefully the game itself delivers with it’s ambition in some way. Make sure to check out our early impressions as well.

What do you guys think? Were you impressed? Disappointed? Let us know in the forums.


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