Marvel’s Avengers Early Impressions

The deluxe edition of Marvel’s Avengers released at 12 A.M. Eastern this morning, and I had the chance to play it for a couple hours. I wanted to make a quick impressions article for you below to help you decide if it’s worth the price of admission.

The marketing for Marvel’s Avengers was mostly showing off the multiplayer and games as a service type feel to it. The hero level (think Destiny 2‘s power level) is capped at 150. You gain more levels by equipping more powerful gear. You get that gear by fighting enemies and looting locations. It’s the typical affair for these types of games.

What wasn’t in the marketing was the single player campaign. That was a huge mistake. The opening bit to Marvel’s Avengers put a huge smile on my face, and it’s only gone up from there. Kamala Khan is a very good character who is also extremely fun to play as. I thought going in I would want to play as Thor, because who wouldn’t want to play as the god of thunder. However, I might main Khan. Her kit is very enjoyable to play.

The story sunk its hooks in quite fast and I can’t wait to keep playing through it. There’s one early moment that matched some of the humor of the later MCU movies as well.

The game also looks gorgeous in 4K. I was worried after some of what we saw in the early War Tables but that worry quickly went away. Even when I switched to 1080p to use my capture card the game looked good. It played smooth as well as I haven’t noticed and dropped frames yet.

The only issue I have is the camera. It is extremely difficult to control when you are surrounded by enemies and also have to use the face buttons to attack. I haven’t looked at switching buttons, but it would make more sense to have the super abilities be controlled by the face buttons. And the regular attacks be controlled using the triggers and bumpers. Those of you who have an Xbox Elite Controller that can use the paddles on back will have much less of a problem.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to play the multiplayer as the section warns that it will spoil the main campaign. This is a bit surprising considering how they marketed Marvel’s Avengers. I have a feeling some of the multiplayer will open up very soon in the campaign, but from right now I don’t want to risk the spoilers.

Overall, I can see why people are worried about Marvel’s Avengers in regards to the micro-transactions and weird Battle Pass decisions, but the game has been fun to play so far. The single player campaign might be worth it alone. Plus the extra heroes are going to be free, so it won’t be too bad assuming the Battle Pass only has cosmetics and not super awesome equipment.

Time will tell if this game can have the longevity of something like Destiny 2 but the first impressions are good. Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for continuing coverage on Marvel’s Avengers including the full review, and much more from the world of Xbox. You can purchase the game for $59.99 from the Microsoft store to play on Friday, or pay $79.99 if you want to play now.


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