Marvel’s Avengers Beta Impressions

We have already played the beta of Marvel’s Avengers and we offer you our impressions of the superhero game developed by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. And it will arrive with improvements to the new Xbox Series X when it launches.

Marvel’s Avengers beta is perfect to know what the definitive game will offer. We got an idea of ​​the scale of this title in the trailer. The trailer revealed who the main villain will be, and how the quests and progression system will work. It was difficult to know how it will be structured: Closer to an MMO than to “traditional” superhero games.

Now we can explain in detail what’s in this Beta, which lasted for a few hours. Avengers Assemble!

Story Missions

The game begins with the prologue, which takes place during A-Day. This is the day the Avengers were defeated. It helps us to familiarize ourselves with the combat system of the original team members: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Captain America. It’s a very cinematic (and completely “scripted” level in which we confront Taskmaster and his minions. We’ll watch the destruction of the Golden Gate in San Francisco and the fall of the Avengers Helicarrier.

It is just an excuse to put ourselves in a situation. This is how the game begins; with the group dismantled. Superheroes are considered a threat to society and the rise of AIM to maintain order, thanks to it’s private army and the highest technology. From that moment, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) and Dr. Banner (Hulk), come together to reunite the group. The first step is to establish a base of operations in the wreckage of the helicarrier.

The beta only allows us to play two story missions. The rescue of JARVIS and an investigation of the S.H.I.E.L.D database. We already have an idea of ​​what they offer. They are more linear and spectacular levels, in which a single player will have to deal with iconic villains. The battle between the Hulk and the Abomination is amazing, and these missions make the story advance. But this is a very small part of what awaits us in the full game.

Once we have activated the war table, we can ride the Quinjet and travel around the world to complete missions. The objective of these missions is to get improvements for our characters and gather more allies to join our cause. We can see the recommended level, the modifiers that affect each mission and the rewards we can get. What are these types of missions?

Hero Missions

The war table allows us to access hero missions. These are missions exclusive to a character that tell the personal story of each of the Avengers. These are story arcs that complete the narrative in the main story. In these missions you get modifiers and materials to increase the level and power of each of the heroes.

Multiplayer Missions

The second type of missions (there are a good handful in the beta) can be played in cooperative multiplayer mode. You can play online, with AI or a mix of both. These mission sites have a greater exploration and “looting” component, with open scenarios and different objectives. We can limit ourselves to looking for the main objective and defeating an enemy. Also you can get all the chests loaded with equipment and finding the hidden locations.

HARM Missions

Three training missions are also available in the beta in the Helicarrier’s virtual “danger room”. If we complete them and link our profile to the Epic account, they will give us bonus items for Fortnite. These are wave combat scenarios, with increasingly powerful groups of enemies.

The “rules” are the same as in normal missions, it’s the best way to practice each Avenger’s attacks and learn to cooperate with the rest of the team.

The Combat System

How do you fight in Marvel’s Avengers? All the characters have melee and ranged attacks. In the case of Kamala with her elastic limbs or the Hulk taking advantage raw strength. The key to defeating AIM forces is combining both kinds of attacks.

Each hero has a fast attack and a strong attack, as well as a button to dodge attacks from enemies. As we perform combos, a meter is filled, which allows us to execute heroic and definitive attacks. Iron Man’s heroic blows consist of firing lightning from the ARC reactor in his chest and launching an EMP wave, while as a final attack, we can deploy the Hulkbuster armor.

But this is only the basic configuration, because as we level up we can unlock and customize the attacks; We can bet on the repulsors, lasers or rockets. It will be necessary, because the AIM troops are not going to make things easy for us; we have encountered a variety of enemies: human and robotic that are equipped with rocket launchers, shields and exoskeletons.

On the other hand, we also find differences in the way of traversing areas. Hulk makes huge jumps and can perch on walls, Ms. Marvel clings with her elastic limbs and can swing, Iron Man is able to fly and Black Widow has it’s agility to climb. It’s worth replaying the same missions with different heroes to see how the gameplay changes.

Progress, Unlocking Upgrades And Extras

How does an avenger progress? Each hero can equip gear (which are ranked by their spawn rate) and which alter attack, defense, heroics or toughness values. And in turn, each of these gear can be leveled up with materials. If to all this we add a skill tree (linked to our level) the possibilities are enormous.

This RPG-inspired unlock and progress system is the “soul” of Marvel’s Avengers, and encourages us to keep playing. In addition, as promised by it’s developers, it is a way to ensure that each player has a unique character.


This beta conveys the true scale of the game. The recreation of the characters, their movements and the collectibles… it shows an incredible fidelity to the comic book universe.

I’ve been impressed by how well the RPG and MMO elements fit into a superhero game and the depth of the combat system. In addition to the promise that the game will continue to grow with new characters (the arrival of Hawkeye after launch) and missions for our war table.

Each game sequence is spectacular, with huge levels of destruction that accompany the blows. I’ve encountered some camera problems, precision when performing some attacks and some crashes which I hope will be fixed in the final version of the game.

The improvements in the next gen include 60 FPS with dynamic 4K resolution and effects such as ambient occlusion, there will be higher resolution of the textures, more distance details, better anisotropic filtering and extra functions. These features include sharper reflections and enhanced contrast. In addition, thanks to the SSD hard drives the screens and loading scenes will be almost instantaneous, which will make the missions to be carried out much more comfortably.

You can preorder Marvel’s Avengers for $59.99 on the Microsoft store. The game releases at midnight eastern on September 4th, and will be taking advantage of Xbox Smart Delivery. If you want more of Marvel’s Avengers and also the latest gaming news, then make sure to stay tuned to Generation Xbox


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