Marble Duel Review

Marble Duel was reviewed on the Xbox One.

Marble Duel is a casual-indie game where you play with marbles. You can verse AI (In “story mode”) and sometimes your friends (If in the same room). Marble Duel originally released in 2013 and was developed and published by HeroCraft. Does it hold up in 2021?

The Story and Characters

Marble Duel begins with you watching a cutscene of a small girl being attacked by a wolf.

A boy then saves this girl, telling the wolf to leave her alone and the girl to get to safety.

Marble Duel is set in a sort of city by the looks of things – possibly a county to be pedantic. The game starts with you battlinf this annoying wolf named Borgos who thinks he knows everything. Then you beat him and he backs away and in the next level you meet a new guy named Sebastian. If I’m honest, Sebastian looks like he needs dental reconstruction.

The Premise of The Game

The game consists of you hitting in marbles that you have to sort of make a Candy-Crush-Like line-up. You need three marbles of the same colour to be able to earn those marbles.

Of course, there are different colours of marbles: Red – which will give you attack points (So if there are 3 red marbles you will take 3 health point off of your opponent.), Blue – which adds to a percentage of shielding that your character obtains and Green – which adds to your health points. 

It’s sort of a puzzle-like game as well with the fact you need to look ahead. What might be avalible to you now could be snatched up by your opponent.

The game comes with a big map for you to play through. There are easily 60 levels there probably more. My problem is the levels all seem very much the same type of thing. I’ve thought I’ve recognised levels from earlier points in the game.

Section For The A/V Nerds.

The soundtrack to the game is honestly quite nice. With an adventurous tone to it. Played by what sounds like a orchestra it’s perfect with the game and creates a great ambience.

The visuals are quite impressive in the title screen and many other screens a ripple effect shows around the button you’re selecting. There is so much detail put into everything whether it’s a small marble or an entire character it’s beautifully done. 

As much as the character that you versing changes every dozen levels the premise is largely the same. This wouldn’t be a problem if the game was more complex though all you’re doing is shooting marbles at marbles.

Why I Didn’t Love It

It sort of feels like Marble Duel may have been better as a mobile game rather than console and PC. Makes sense, as it was originally built for mobile. The fact that there is very little to do in it, and it could take just a few hours to complete. It sometimes feels like achievements are awarded for the most mundane things.

The game is sort of laid out like Candy Crush. The mechanics in the game are really easy. Some of the language in the game is even quite child-like. Let’s just say it’s nothing like Blizzard’s Hearthstone. And for that matter, I don’t expect any big expansions to come out for it. 

What’s Wrong With it?

I just think the game is being pushed to the wrong audience. Xbox and PC players usually go to their console for a challenging and fun experience. Marble Duel is more of a game that is there to take you mind off things. Most people that need to take their head away from things are busy and might not have consoles. I think this would do great on the app stores. Apart from that the game is alright.

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