Lost Wing Review

Calling all pilots! We have a mission for you, if you choose to accept it, to beat the leaderboards and prove your worth. Now, let us welcome all of you ace pilots to Lost Wing.


Lost Wing is an arcade-style game that brings more to the table then other arcade games have in the past. With the classic arcade characteristics of 3 lives and leaderboards, this game has it all. Luckily, for first-time players, Lost Wing gives you a chance to learn your way around the game with a tutorial mission. This mission gets players accustomed to the controls and the aesthetic of this world then sends you on your way to conquer those leaderboards.

As you fly through the levels, you earn charge by accelerating or collecting orbs. Charge acts as your currency for firing your weapons, allowing you to dominate the level with your lasers. Also, throughout the levels there are powerups you can grab to spice things up. There are powerups for getting a smaller or bigger ship, and one that gets a turret to follow you.

And let’s just take a second to appreciate how on-the-nose the title of this game is, considering you can lose one or both of your wings running into obstacles. However, one thing that can be frustrating is the direct hits on obstacles. While clipping one of your wings on an obstacles adds a sense of challenge and danger, it makes a direct hit look underwhelming. A direct hit into an obstacle is an instant loss of a life. While this makes sense, I found many times where I was clipped by an obstacle, and the game registered it as a direct hit, killing me instantly.

Lost Wing Level


As for the controls in Lost Wing, they follow the basic arcade-style layout. You have different buttons to jump, move left and right, and fire your weapons. You are given two choices of weapons, the first being the basic laser blaster that shoots one laser at a time. This is as basic as it gets when playing arcade games. The second weapon is the smart bomb. It blasts out in a circle to destroy any breakable obstacle in your way.

A unique aspect of Lost Wings is the added controls to alter speed. You have two buttons that will either slow down your aircraft or speed it up. This adds another level of challenge for those who want to go fast, because you get more points the faster you go.

Level Access

As you complete the first level, you earn experience for how well you did. However, you quickly realize something is holding you back. The game is level-locked. You need to gain levels to unlock the new worlds, levels, and ships. This adds the challenge of gaining levels to see what you can conquer later on. However, this mechanic will likely be a downside to most gamers. Not everyone is geared to grind out the same level 30 times just to earn enough experience to move to level 2.

Lost Wing Score

Visuals & Soundtrack

As you explore each world and level, it is truly hard to ignore the incredible visuals this game has to offer. Each section provides unique obstacles and challenges as you progress further and further into the level. All the way from the colors and lights, to the “anomalies,” Lost Wings brings its A-game to your console.

Now you may be wondering “what do you mean by anomaly?” Well, an anomaly is a section of the level that adds an incredible challenge to the player. As if speeding up and adding more obstacles wasn’t enough, the game decides to rotate the screen as the level continues on. Try flying at high speeds and dodging obstacles, while turning your head to try and keep the screen level with your eyes.

The music in Lost Wing compliments the visuals in a great way. The game already plays like an arcade game, so why not provide arcade-style music? Another feature this game provides is the control to skip songs while playing. If the song playing isn’t to your liking, just click a button and off to the next song you go! This mechanic allows players to fit the mood of their game with the right song for the occasion.

Lost Wing Rank

Climb the Ranks

One of the best concepts that Lost Wing brings to our consoles is the ever changing global ranking board. This mechanic is super enticing and awakens the inner conqueror in us all. Every time the main menu opens up, you get to see the leaderboards right there. In the rankings section, you get to see just how high the score can go and what you could achieve. Of course, that comes with a little practice.

The global rankings board answers the question all gaming developers have: “How can we keep players coming back for more?” The replay value this game has to offer is vast. The challenge to replay levels and to earn a spot on the leaderboard brings even the newest of gamers to rise to the occasion.


Overall, Lost Wing is a visually brilliant game that keeps you coming back with its score boards and rankings constantly changing, inviting the inner champion in us all.

Interested in buying Lost Wing? Click here to go to the Microsoft Store to buy Lost Wing for $7.99. As always, tune in to Generation Xbox for all of your favorite reviews, opinion pieces, and more!


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