Lonely Mountains: Downhill Review

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is an enjoyable, relaxing, and challenging experience. It involves trying to navigate yourself down a mountain and get the quickest time without throwing yourself off of the mountain and plummeting to your death.

Multiplayer… Sort of.

Daily Rides is a mode that lets players compete against each other from all around the world. A leaderboard system displays a new course daily, and players traverse through it trying to achieve the fastest time and highest score. This score unlocks in-game rewards too.

Rewards in Lonely Mountains.

You can earn those rewards in Lonely Mountains: Downhill by simply racing more. This could be during those daily rides on the leaderboard or from just playing the normal race mode. These rewards include new costumes for your character, new bikes which can make your time faster, or a new mountain if you haven’t already unlocked them all.

The Controller

You find standard controls for both accelerating (RT) and braking (LT), as well as steering (LS). You will find yourself going down the mountain at high speeds and getting big air. When you land the controller tends to vibrate, and how far you fall dictates the amount of vibration.

The Beautiful Soundscape.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill‘s audio is just stunning with ambient wind sound effects and twittering birds intermittently. The faster you travel on your bike the heavier the wind sound becomes. As the bike moves down the mountain and runs over small stones you can hear every little bit of it. The sound in this game is a beauty.

So What are you Trying to Achieve?

Lonely Mountains: Downhill puts you on the top of a mountain, and then it’s down to you to try and get to the bottom of the mountain without dying.

Twists and turns are there to throw you off. There are faster routes that appear in grey gravel on the floor, though they are not for the weak.

If you bump into a tree you die. If you fall of the side of the cliff you die. And if you try and land a jump from quite a high place you will – most likely – die.

What About the Art Style?

Well. I’m glad you asked. The graphics for Lonely Mountains: Downhill on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X are not the best though I think that brings the game its charm and to be honest you wouldn’t really notice it if you’re flying past on a bike at high speeds.

How Re-playable is it?

Lonely Mountains: Downhill has multiple mountains and the mountains have different courses as well. You can unlock those as you play through the courses you do have unlocked and get rewards.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is updated frequently, including new daily courses where you can try and be the best on the leaderboard. There’s also DLC available which gives you access to another mountain with a range of extra courses.

You can make your own way down the mountains which can be different from everyone else’s, but the main paths are there for players who may be afraid of straying off the paths.

How Enjoyable is the Lonely Mountains: Downhill?

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is thoroughly enjoyable as you feel the excitement and almost how fast the bike is moving while just sitting and playing the game. When you smash your face off a boulder or cycle the bike of the side of the cliff it doesn’t always feel as bad as it should though. You don’t get the hurtful swell at the back of your throat. Of course, if you’re stuck at a certain part of the course for a while it can become quite frustrating but apart from that the game isn’t as infuriating as it could be. Despite those frustrating moments, the rest of the game goes by like a joy.


The verdict is that Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a fantastic game with occasional hiccups of course. The brisk flashy intense game is a fantastic experience. And to be completely honest I’ve become quite attached to this game, when I was bored I played a bit of Lonely Mountains: Downhill, it gave me a sense of relaxation. It’s a game that is so frustrating is also the most relaxing. It’s got the perfect balance, I have no idea how it’s done, but it’s a work of art – which is weird cause the worst thing about it is the art… Oh well. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is available on Xbox Game Pass so get it.

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