Left 4 Dead 2 Is Getting An Update

For a game that was released in 2011, it’s pretty impressive there is still a player base. Currently only on the Xbox 360 and Steam, Left 4 Dead 2 is a cult classic. And it’s getting an update, according to the developer Valve’s blog.

This is a long-awaited update for fans of the series, and one created by the community itself. It’s unclear whether these are new levels, game modes, characters, or otherwise. There is no release date or any other specific details at this time.

If you haven’t played this Left 4 Dead 2, let me give you a little history lesson. It’s a zombie survival game in which you can play not only the survivors, but also as the zombies themselves. The game features three unique modes including Campaign, Versus, and Survival.

Campaign is designed to be a co-op affair, in which you team up with friends online and fight off the zombies. You battle through certain objectives such as getting a case of coke for a deranged gun shop owner in order to pass through a blocked area. You can also play the campaign in single player with three AI bots.

Versus is an incredibly fun and addicting mode where two teams of four players battle each other online as survivors vs zombies. As the zombies, you take control of one of six different “super zombies” with special abilities. The object as a zombie is to kill the survivors, and well, survive as a survivor through multiple stages.

Finally you have Survivor mode where hoards of zombies flank you to no end. Survive as long as you can with friends or AI assistance. This mode is arguably the least fun, but still keeps you entertained.

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