Lawsuit Filed Against CD Projekt for Cyberpunk 2077 Release

The bad news just keeps coming for CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077. The Polish developers have been handed a class action lawsuit over “false and/or misleading” statements regarding the game’s broken release. Cyberpunk released on the 10th of December with a cavalcade of both hilarious and frustrating bugs, but mostly frustrating. Compilations and memes have flooded social media surrounding the game’s bugs. After all the delays and eight year development time, the game is in a state many people were not expecting.

While CD Projekt mostly has the consumers on their hands at the moment, I’m sure they would have preferred not to have the law added to that list. Bad word after bad word is spreading across the internet about the game. Both Microsoft and Sony have given refunds for the game, and the it still remains non-existent on Sony’s PlayStation Store. CD Projekt Red’s stock plummeted. Now on top of this they have a lawsuit to deal with. It’s a nightmare for CD Projekt Red with no clear end in sight.

New York based firm, Rosen Law Firm filed the lawsuit in a Californian court on Christmas Eve. Rosen Law Firm filed on behalf of anyone who purchased CD Projekt Red stock between January 2020 and December 2020. It goes on to ask for “compensable damages” for anyone who invested in the game.

This all mainly stems from the past gen versions on Xbox One and PS4 being even more unplayable and “misleading” than the current gen and PC versions. While CD Projekt have been rolling out hotfixes and patches, it seems too little, too late now with everything that has happened. What do you think of the lawsuit against Cyberpunk? And should this be a lesson to other developers about making their games for both generations?

Read the full lawsuit here: Cyberpunk 2077 class action via Polygon | Sec Rule 10b 5 | Complaint (


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