It’s a New Day Yes It Is: WWE Tag Champions Make Debut in Gears 5

Founded six years ago, The New Day have proved themselves a marketing powerhouse in the WWE. As a reward, they have also had an impressively long list of cool opportunities. In the wrestling world they are currently divided by the roster split. Despite this they still continue as a unit in their other media.

The latest and perhaps greatest of their opportunities is that they are now in Gears 5. They have made their way into the Xbox franchise as downloadable playable characters. This isn’t the first foray into the game from a celebrity of wrestling fame. With Dave Bautista featuring as an unlockable character as well.

Xavier Woods amazed to be able to play as himself in Gears 5. He was excited to tweet out some pictures of their in-game look.

For the current tag team champions of Monday Night Raw, this is a cool deal. This serves to promote all parties with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods competing against their blue brand counterparts at Survivor Series. Although Big E is not featured on the upcoming show, he has been rumoured to be receiving a big push soon.

For Gears this is another way for the game to market itself towards a different audience. And with the prominence of the franchise in the release of the Series X this may well prove to be a smart decision.

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