Is Among Us coming to Xbox One?

Among Us is arguably the most popular online game to play with your friends out right now. Ever since its skyrocketing success Xbox gamers have had one question on their mind: When is Among Us coming to Xbox One? Unfortunately, Innersloth will have some obstacles to conquer first.

What’s stopping them?

The game is currently available via Steam, iOS app store and Google Play Store. Most Xbox players do not own PC and take a preference to picking up their controller and plugging in their headsets to play as opposed to the touchscreen joystick controls on their phones. This has lead to many Xbox users questioning whether it will be available for them to play with their friends any time soon. Innersloth haven’t confirmed whether it will definitely be porting to Xbox One. But there has been some snippets of information shared via live streams.

One developer said that the Xbox One port is something the team are thinking about. There is a major issue however. This issue is player communication, with the game virtually unplayable without player communication in-game. In Among Us you have to make use of quick communication. This would mean inputs such as pressing the joystick or D-Pad for preset expressions. Due to this issue it may be a while before we get to see a console port for Among us. Currently, Among Us only uses text-chat and no voice communication in-game. For players to make use of voice communication currently they need to use third-party software such as Skype or Discord. Using Xbox One, players wouldn’t be able to use that software and would only be able to use Party Chat. This would be too hard to organise if you were to play with people you don’t know.

Waiting game

A console port could take a lot longer than expected since the small developer team have applied themselves to delivering more features and patches for the game on it’s current platforms.

The likelihood is that we won’t be seeing Among Us on the Xbox One. Instead the game could be ported to the upcoming Xbox Series X. Despite their focus not being on the Xbox port, the game has become the most watched game on Twitch. Porting the game to Xbox would further bring the game more success with a larger player base. Surely the port would have cross-play as well enabling players to join in with PC and Mobile gamers and let more communities come together.

Alas, as of now there is no confirmed port for the Xbox and there is no clues being left as to when we can expect to see it. We can take solace in the fact that the game is simply too popular to leave the Xbox community out. And will almost certainly find itself ported sooner rather than later. Having said this though, if you are waiting for the console release you could be waiting upward of a year to play it.

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