How to Quickly Unlock the Golden Weapons in the Master Chief Collection

The Master Chief Collection recently just had a massive content drop with it’s Season 2 offerings. Halo CE has been refreshed with an abundance of weapon and vehicle skins but the golden weapon skins are some of the most desirable. Thanks to YouTuber Maka91 we now have a way to obtain these skins in under an hour. Here’s the step by step guide to unlock the golden weapon camos.

Downloading the Custom Game Type

Step 1:

Maka91 is the hero of this time saving strategy as he put together a custom game that will help in this initiative. To access the game type you’ll need to boot up the game, click on roster, highlight your name and select find player. Once the find player menu has booted up type in the Gamertag “Maka91”. Once you’ve landed on Maka’s profile proceed to head to his file share and download the game type “Gold Skin Easy Grind”. This game type is the key to the entire operation.

Setting up Firefight

Step 2:

Now that you have the Gold Skin Easy Grind game type it’s time to start up Halo Reach’s Custom Firefight mode. Go ahead and select the map Corvette as it’s the more efficient map to tackle enemies as quickly as possible. You’ll then want to use the Gold Skin Easy Grind mode (you can highlight other parameteres however I wouldn’t recommend this). Once you’ve picked the game type make sure to select either Heroic or Legendary as Easy and Normal won’t track kills towards your challenges. Now that you have everything setup, start the match. You’re one step closer to getting those golden skins!

Grinding out the Challenges

Part 3

Finally the final step in the pathway to obtaining the golden weapons skins. According to Maka91 it took him around 45 minutes to unlock the skins for all of the weapons. It took our team here a little under 40 minutes so your estimated time in completing these challenges will vary based on your skill level.

All you’re going to be doing is killing the grunts that spawn as quickly as possible using the following weapons: Assualt Rifle, Magnum, Shotgun and Snipe Rifle. While you’re racking up kills keep an eye out on your tracker that pops up in the bottom right hand corner. You’ll need to make sure that you’re constantly looking at that pop up to know how many more kills are needed with each weapons. We have a breakdown of each challenge below.

  • Assault Rifle – 300 Kills
  • Magnum – 500 Kills
  • Shotgun – 150 Kills
  • Sniper Rifle – 150 Kills

Bonus Round

When utilizing this method make sure to not do this on co-op as the kills won’t properly track (we learned this the hard way). You’ll also make progress to several other seasonal challenges that will give you a bounty of season points to spend on either Season 1 or Season 2. By the time we finished unlocking all the skins we had 6 season points to spend through additional side challenges. We highly recommend keeping the game mode as it also makes a lot of PVE and other seasonal challenges much easier to complete.

Big thanks to Maka91 as his YouTube video made these seasonal skins accessible in under an hour. Show him some love by liking the video and maybe subscribing. We hope you enjoyed this walkthrough write up so send us some screenshot on Twitter of your new golden weapon skins once you’ve unlocked them. Stay close to Generation Xbox as we continue to dive into more Halo content.

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