Hotshot Racing Review – a Nostalgia Trip Worth Taking?

This was kind of refreshing. Hotshot Racing is a game made by Sumo Digital, the studio responsible for the Sonic & All Stars series of games. It’s a throwback to the arcade days of racing games and it oozes that from every crevice of the game. To the art style, it’s gameplay and overall feel, it’s an old-school arcade racer in the modern era of games. Now is it good and worth your time? Let’s find out. Here’s our Hotshot Racing review.


Like I stated before, it’s an arcade racer in every way. The checkpoints, art style and character styles are dead giveaways. However, that doesn’t make it not fun. It’s actually very fun and addicting due to it’s arcade nature.

You use RT to accelerate and you use RB to shift gears to increase your cars speed. At the beginning of the race, you can charge up a boost to get ahead of the pack and maintain a lead. Speaking of boost, by tailgating and drifting (which you use LT to do), you’ll charge up a boost. Pressing A will unleash it and let you blast your way through the pack.

The controls took some time to get used to, especially the gear shift mechanic and the drifting. Once you get used to them, you’ll essentially look like a pro on the road. Due to it’s arcade nature, it can be pretty challenging to win races, especially in it’s harder difficulties so keep that in mind.

There is an online mode and it works really well with very little to no lag at all during the races I had. Other modes include Grand Prix, Single Race and Time Trial which are all self-explanatory. A shop is also there for extra colors and cars for your character of choice.

Technical Aspects of Hotshot Racing

Well…the game doesn’t have the strongest visuals in the world. When I said it’s a harken to arcades, I meant it. The visuals are old-school, very reminiscent of games like Virtua Fighter. While the graphics aren’t great, they are very charming and nostalgic. It won’t win any awards for visuals but it doesn’t plan to. However, it does run at a buttery smooth 60 FPS which is a must for a racer.

The purposefully dated visuals also help the online mode be as stable as it is. The races I took part had little to no lag, the controls felt 1-to-1 precise and the frame rate never dipped. The online works really well with little issue.

Sound design is pretty much what you expect from an old-school style arcade racer: wacky. There is voice acting and it is hilarious to listen to, though it can get annoying from time to time hearing the same voices over and over.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, Hotshot Racing is a simple yet enjoyable racing game. In a time when most games can tend to be quite complicated endeavors, a simple game like this is appreciated. It’s made to be a purely silly arcade racer that harkens back to SEGA like arcade racers.

If you want see the game in action, you can find a trailer here. It’s certainly a fun time. Let us know what you think over on the forums or on our social media! You can find more reviews from our team below:

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