Hogwarts Legacy Reveal!

The long-anticipated ‘Harry Potter RPG’ was revealed today at the Playstation 5 Showcase. I have personally been waiting eagerly for this game since the supposed Harry Potter RPG leak back in 2018. With no specific release date unveiled, 2021 is what we are aiming for. And the best news? Hogwarts Legacy is coming to the Xbox Series X/S!

“The choices you make now will define the legacy of Hogwarts.” That statement ends the world premiere trailer, and brings a completely new level of unknown to the game. Set in the late-1800’s, Hogwarts Legacy invites us to forge our own path in a world we know all so well. But given this time setting, we will be playing well before the timeline of Harry Potter and the other witches and wizards we grew to love.

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action RPG set in the Harry Potter universe. You will be able to grow your skills in the various areas of witchcraft and wizardry, tame fantastic beasts, and live the Harry Potter experience as a unique individual. The promise to shape the future of Hogwarts is an interesting proposition as well. Does this mean you can affect what happens in the Harry Potter timeline to some extent?

The visual representation of Hogwarts Castle is truly beautiful. The development team at Portkey Games paid close attention to detail when rendering the grounds, and it shows impressively. While the trailer itself has no gameplay footage, the promise of 4K is keeping me satisfied for now. And beyond Hogwarts, the mention of a world you can’t even imagine awaits. One scene in particular shows fantastic imagery riding on the back of a winged beast (pun intended).

Dark Magic?

But the world beyond Hogwarts may be a scary one. An “ancient knowledge, long gone from this world” is tied to the player. Apparently, the player has unique abilities that may hold true value in unlocking this ancient knowledge. But how will you use them? This also is up to you. In what seems to be presented as using special powers in the battle of good vs. evil, you must decide which path to take. I absolutely love this for multiple reasons. First, for anyone who was curious about the extended use of dark magic, here’s your chance! This also provides great replay value if you decide you don’t like the way your path ends.

I absolutely cannot wait for this game to release. I loved the Lego Harry Potter series, but never played the original book/movie games. Sinking dozens to hundreds of hours into the Hogwarts universe will simply be a treat worth waiting for.

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