Halo Infinite Set For Launch in Fall of 2021

343 Industries have finally broken their silence on a Halo Infinite release date Tuesday night, announcing an official launch window of Fall 2021. The developers delivered the long-awaited news in a lengthy first entry of an all-new blog series titled ‘Inside Infinite’. Along with the release news, 343 has shed light on graphics updates, armor coatings, concept art, and even teased an in-progress multiplayer map.

Longtime Bungie multi-tasker and current 343 Creative Director Joe Staten teased some of the possibilities of Infinite’s campaign. He says he’s played through the entire campaign twice(!) and describes the experience as “the most expansive and vertical Halo world, ever… I had never felt more powerful, more mobile, more in command”. Digging deeper, Staten drops hints at some of the pick-and-choose objectives available throughout the world. These include assaulting a Banished war base, chasing Forerunner Sentinels into an unexpected cavern, and even rescuing a squad of marines.

Halo Infinite concept art. Credit: 343 Industries

Infinite‘s graphics received mixed reviews following gameplay reveal earlier this year. 343 opens up on the difficulty of blending classic art styles with next-gen requirements and shares some beautiful renders of the Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle. The beloved “Craig” Brute even gets an update in the form of a “significant makeover”.We don’t get a glimpse of any updated campaign visuals, but they can be expected in future updates.

There will be no primary-secondary color customization in Infinite, a choice that’s been poorly received by fans. We finally get a peek at some of the armor coating renders, and they should silence any doubters. Live Team member Chris Blohm says Infinite will “go further” than Halo: Reach in terms of armor customization. He also teases surprises regarding cosmetics that have yet to be revealed but will be in due time.

Providing a Halo Infinite release date was much-needed and gives a slight boost to an otherwise awful 2020. Read the entire official blog and see all of the brand-new images right here. We can look forward to more Inside Infinite blog posts in the coming months, and we’ll be covering them every step of the way. Until then, stay up to date with everything Halo and Xbox on our news page. Buckle up, the Infinite hype train has officially taken off.

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