Halo Infinite Officially Delayed and Xbox Series X Release Month Revealed

This is a big one folks. It’s officially confirmed that Halo Infinite will be delayed for next year, 2021. Now this is a big deal for a variety of obvious reasons. But what’s interesting is that Xbox Series X will launch in November of this year….without Halo.

For a lot of people, the biggest drawing point to getting an Xbox Series X was Halo Infinite. As you can see by the title, that is officially not the case anymore. As for why this was the case? Well, it goes back to the Xbox Showcase a few weeks ago.

It’s pretty safe to say that Halo Infinite’s gameplay showcase was divisive to say the least. While the gameplay itself was something people liked, the visuals were not. Looking too clean with not enough grit to it and of course the memetic Brute drew plenty of attention and not in a good way.

Everybody was pretty split on it but people did generally agree that the game needed more polish and time to stew. Microsoft agrees and out came the announcement of the delay for next year. What makes this more interesting is that there was another announcement today…

The Series X was announced to release on November.

The Series X losing Infinite as a launch title is a big blow to the console’s release later this year. Infinite was by far it’s biggest title for launch. It’s even bigger than Sony’s launch offerings like Miles Morales, which is it’s biggest launch title.

While they did do this for understandable reasons, this will make the Xbox Series X take a hit. What I want to know is how is Microsoft going to make up for this now gaping hole? Microsoft needs to do something soon to make up for the loss of it’s biggest launch title.

So what do you all think? Was it a good decision on Microsoft’s part or was it a mistake? Let us know in the comments below. Here is the gameplay showcase for Halo Infinite and here is our breakdown of it. All we can hope is that Halo Infinite‘s delay will ultimately make it a better game.

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