Halo Infinite News To Be Released This Week

After a drought of Halo Infinite news, 343 Industries announces that a high level update regarding the game’s development will be released further this week. Brian Jarrard, 343’s Community Manager, was the responsible for making this disclosure whereby his Reddit account.

343 Industries employees Reddit personal accounts have become an iterant way of communicating with the Halo community. While answering a post on the r/Halo subreddit, Brian confirmed that monthly drops of Halo Infinite news is mapped out.

“We’re committed to at least monthly high level updates and the next “Inside Infinite” is coming out this week!.” stated the Community Manager.

“This month we’re talking with members of the sandbox team to share some insights into their vision for Halo Infinite and the work they’re doing.”

Halo Infinite gameplay was revelead on July 2020.

Temper Your Expectations

Brian also recommends to hold up with your expectations. Although an incoming update is thrilling, he confirms that major announcements such as screenshots or a release date won’t be revelead. At least for now.

“To manage expectations, this won’t have world premier big screenshots or huge things like a date announce(…)”

He continues: “Our goal is to offer our community more context and insights into our team and the game we’re making while we’re all awaiting the larger beats and full marketing machine later this year.”

Whether this will be an intricate update or just a simple and small brief remains to be seen.

The lastest Halo Infinite major update was released about a month ago, on December 8th. As of now, fans can expect monthly updates until the release of Halo Infinite, which is certainly great news.

Halo Infinite will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC this Fall.

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