GTA Weekly: September 10th-16th 2020

Need a round-up of all the Grand Theft Auto Online news for the coming week? Well look no further than our GTA Weekly segment! We’ll break down all the in-game events, discounts and bonuses for the week ahead. Here’s all you need to know in our GTA Weekly for September 10th-16th 2020.


The Business Battles featured in the Los Santos Summer Special event will give you even more rewards this week. You’ll gain boosted profit all week from these Business Battles. Complete one anytime over the next seven days to receive double rewards for your hard work.

Looking for something a bit more colorful? Land Grab is also rewarding players with 2X GTA$ and RP this week. This mode tasks players with occupying as many zones as possible before the timer hits zero. These bonuses are also lasting all week long.

If that’s not enough for you, there’s more! Gunrunning Sell Missions are also offering double rewards this week. So, if you’ve been holding on to those latest gun shipments, now’s the best time to sell… just watch out for other players on the hunt for a quick profit.

There’s even a free clothing item for all players this week! Everyone who logs into GTA Online between September 10th-16th will receive the Lemon Sport Tracksuit – pants and top – for free!

Diamond Casino

There’s a hot tip about a new delivery to the Casino Vaults this week. But first, as always, you can spin the lucky wheel for the chance to win a shiny new car. This week, the car on the podium is the Invetero Coquette D10!

As I said, there’s something even more exciting happening at the casino this week… the Diamond’s vaults have received a shipment of shiny gems this week, and they are ready to be stolen by you. Set up the Casino Heist and pull it off well for the opportunity to leave with a handful of valuable gems.


So you’ve pulled off the heist successfully and you need something to spend that hard-earned cash on? Well then, you’re in luck! This week there is a 40% discount on Bunkers, and a 30% discount on Bunker Modifications. If you’re looking for a car to get you there quickly, then look no further. There are discounts on a selection of luxury cars this week, including the Dundreary Landstalker XL and the Pegassi Zentorno. You’ll also find discounts on the Youga Classic 4×4, the Ocelot Ardent and the Declasse Weaponized Tampa.

Prime Gaming Rewards

Those of you with Prime Gaming have some added bonuses to redeem. If you play any time this week, you will receive a $200K bonus in-game. There are also Prime exclusive 80% discounts on the Progen T20 and the Överflöd Tyrant. As always, you can also pick up the Vespucci Canals Nightclub Property for free if you haven’t already!

That is everything you need to know from GTA Weekly September 10th-16th 2020! If you somehow don’t already own GTA V, you can pick it up here. Enjoy playing Call of Duty as well? You can get our weekly COD update here. As always, stay tuned to Generation Xbox for all your gaming news!

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