GTA Online security breachers make your IP vulnerable

When you’re talking about great cinematic experiences with an open-world feel, Rockstar Games has to have a place in the conversation. But when it comes to administrating online games, Rockstar isn’t the exact best competitor in that field.

The best clue is the infamous GTA Online. It’s been 7-years since the game’s initial release; Rockstar still supports GTA Online until today. The most recent content update was The Cayo Perico Heist.

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The problem was never with the content that Rockstar usually adds to the game, but the usage of it is the concern. Today, Finding a session in GTA Online without a cheater became even more challenging than ever. Rockstar doesn’t appear to have any plans to deal with the cheats and mod menus other than vanishing random accounts.

Our recent reports shows that GTA Online is becoming more unsafe for daily users. Recent mod menus allow you to show IP Addresses for the current players existing within the same session as you. By just the IP address, you can know their exact location. You can even DDoS their Internet Service, which is not even that hard, thanks to current software programs that are accessible to the publicity of the internet.

Published on Jul 5, 2017

I remember watching a video of “The Professional: a GTA Online Guides Youtuber” that encountered the same incident. a GTA Online Modder was annoyed by him that he started sending threats. Then executed a DDoS “Distributed Denial of Services” Attack on his Internet Service.

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