Grab The Whip and Fedora, A New Indiana Jones Game Is Coming From Bethesda

It’s time to get our whips and fedoras ready. Bethesda have announced that they are working on a brand new Indiana Jones game, with Todd Howard as an Executive Producer. Bethesda and Indiana Jones together sounds very promising.

The publisher made the official conformation over on their Twitter page and their is a bit to take in. The Indiana Jones game is in development at MachineGames in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games. MachineGames are most well know for their work on the Bethesda Wolfenstein games, so will Indy be fighting the Nazis? Lucasfilm Games only recently adopted the name going forward for all games from Lucasfilm, so it will be exciting to see what they bring. They are also working on a open world Star Wars game with Ubisoft. Safe to say that they have their work cut out for them.

What is most interesting is the involvement of Todd Howard, who is serving as an Executive Producer. Howard, a Bethesda veteran, is best known for his work on the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games. He’s also know for overpromising aspects of games he is working on so take what he says with a pinch of salt. This is not to discredit him, but the sour taste of Fallout 76 is still in my mouth, so forgive me.

While the news is quite exciting, we will have to wait some time before we get to see any gameplay. Bethesda teased a trailer which shows archaeological gear along with the iconic whip and fedora, and that’s about it. They stated that “It’ll be some time” before we get to see more of the game. While I am somewhat nervous as Bethesda’s recent track record hasn’t been great, I’m putting cynicism to the side.

Are you excited for the new Indiana Jones game from Bethesda? Let us know in the forums and stay tuned to Generation Xbox for the latest news.


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