Genetic Disaster – A Chaotic Mutation

Are you one of those people who likes to suffer with games? You know, they get a better sleep after a “short play through” of Dark Souls or Sekiro. (If a short play through can be associated with those games). You don’t feel like rage quitting too much and a game without the realistic design in which the enemies continue to kill you nonstop… But with colorful characters, which is way more relaxing. Welcome to Genetic Disaster, a cooperative rogue-like game with levels that are procedurally generated and that will offer hours and hours of action in single player or multiplayer.

Teenage Mutant… Experiments?

First let’s talk about what the game is about, because the title of the game leaves some doubts in our minds. Plotwise, relax, it’s very simple: there is nothing we need to know. We are facing a top-down action shooter in which the cooperative aspect is pretty important. But my friends, let me tell you it is not easy at all. We are going to die a million times, although maybe that can be changed a bit with the multiplayer and the laughter derived from it, but you’ll still die.

We choose a character (all of them anthropomorphic animals, rare mixes, there is a turtle, a fish, a lizard and a cat – I think it’s a cat) and we immerse ourselves in the most direct action through levels that will always be different thanks to the spoken procedural generation. Now it all depends on your desire to play.

All this in a mansion (which as we can see, changes according to interest). Owned by a terrible scientist in which we will explore until we face the horrible final enemy. The best thing is that despite being procedurally generated, over the hours we will be able to upgrade our character.

Multiplayer Madness

So far the truth is that Genetic Disaster has not invented the wheel. The thing changes when we get fully into multiplayer. They say that with friends everything is better (it’s a lie, in this game we don’t need to be friends). Everyone expects that when four people are playing it will get easier: the more players, the more difficult it gets. But nobody has to feel bad, because this game is going to make you feel outrageous.

One of the parts that I liked the most is that you don’t only have the option of using online multiplayer: we also have the couch co-op and the minigame mode. Make room on the sofa and don’t get too far from the screen, because the characters are not that big. In the minigame mode you and other players are without weapons and have to throw stools to each other, while you have a shield that lasts about one second if timed perfectly you can deflect the attack.

In the artistic section, I must say that  beyond technically having an average quality in the indie scene (very colorful style  but without boasting too much), the hand-painted backgrounds are striking. A good job without any doubt. There are many  weapons to choose from, and they all work with every single character, which each have special abilities.

Dumb Luck, More Like Procedurally Generated Luck

The weapons that you get are all random. Sometimes you might get a really cool gun that might make every enemy feel like nothing and then there is when your gun is useless and that makes the game far more punishing.  You get crystals to buy some upgrades and by keeping them in the bank (Yeah, there’s a bank). You’ll get enough to turn them into a mutagen to buy some abilities which are useful in the long game.

Having said that,the passive abilities you get to buy are random too. You can get awesome abilities in the early game that will help you exponentially. being faster, stronger melee atacks and faster reloading are some of them.

Another important thing are the cycles, these change the way the game feels and the way you play. At one time the cycle may change to bouncy which bounces every bullet. Exploding makes any enemy that dies leave a bomb after their death to create more damage. These are just a few examples of what cycles are and why it can and will change your experience while playing the game completely.

The Genetic Disaster

But not everything is positive and Genetic Disaster also has its problems. The first is probably the style of play that is quite repetitive. Not surprisingly: Like any other rogue-like title, there are no significant changes to the plot. We’re going to shoot from above again and again, unleash attacks and survive fierce enemies. But nothing else. And that in levels that always change and therefore give us hours and hours… it can get tiresome.

You might be in a room surrounded by enemies, It might feel too crowded. and you will be shot from all directions. Although there will be some room to move, Your only way out is using the special ability. It will be pretty punishing.

The soundtrack doesn’t stand out in an excessive way either. It does its job, but it doesn’t turn out to be striking. In terms of graphics, we are dealing with a title that is more than discreet but fun to watch. It depends on the preferences that each person has. It is one of those products that revolves around experience rather than how they present it to us. On the other hand, if we want to laugh a few hours with colleagues, we have found a good game.

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In the end Genetic Disaster is a game that feels like any other rogue-like. Not saying it’s bad. It is a good game, but to a casual gamer it could be stressing to die time after time (and believe me it happens). To the hardcore players that love The Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon – know that you will be satisfied with what Genetic Disaster has to offer.

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Note: We were provided a review copy of Genetic Disaster for the purposes of this review.


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