Generation Xbox Podcast Episode 236: Let’s Make Some Game Awards Predictions!

It’s that special time of year again. Geoff Keighley comes on stage, we see lots of cool trailers, and somehow also give out a couple of awards to games that came out a few years ago. It’s time for The Game Awards! Even though there’s no audience this year – sad that some people haven’t been able to remind us on a daily basis on Twitter that they’re going – but the awards are being given nonetheless.

What will happen this year? Who will take home the Game of the Year award? Most importantly, who is the best E-Sports coach? Join us for Episode 236 where we make all the hard hitting predictions. Well, we pick the winners, anyway.

We also talk Christmas trees. It’s hard-hitting and fun all at the same time. Join us for Episode 236 and be sure to subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts!

The Game Awards will stream starting at 7PM Eastern Time on Thusday December 10. You can watch on Twitch, YouTube, or Mix…..Twitch and YouTube.

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