Generation Xbox Podcast Episode 234 – Xbox Series X and Why Gaming is a Force For Good

Ever heard someone say that video games make people violent? That adults shouldn’t be playing them? Or, that look of disdain some give when they find out you play games? We’ve all seen it before from people who spend their free time on much better activities like reality TV, reading young adult books, and collecting candles. In Episode 234 of the podcast, we dig into how video games are actually good – and why people prefer the online world to the real world sometimes.

We also can’t get through a week without talking about the awesome Xbox Series X again. Now that we’ve both had more time to play with it, what do we love? What games has it gotten us back into? Is the beginning of this new generation living up to expectations?

Finally, for those of you who like game show video games like we do, we talk about the brand new games Family Feud and Millionaire. Are the decent? Which one takes way too long to play? If you don’t like those games, we have lots of other new releases to tell you about too.

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