Gears 5 Operation 4 Brings Massive New Changes

Operation 4 is finally hear and it delivers on some of the biggest community requests to date! Fan favorite characters return as well as a store revamp, new maps, and the brand-new Gears Coins! If you’ve been back and forth on when to dive back into the franchise, now is the time! It’s never been better to be a Gears fan! The low down on the update continues below!

Six Brand New Characters!

You heard right! Six brand new characters are joining the Gears roster and is the largest addition to the game to date in a single drop. Operation 4 has changed how you unlock characters and beginning today anytime to unlock a character skin for a character they become immediately playable. The Totem system is going the way of the Lambent! The full list of brand-new characters is below.

Character List

  • Dominic Santiago
  • Jinn-bot
  • UIR Soldier
  • Garron Paduk
  • Zamil Karn
  • Locust Grenadier

New and Old Maps!

Three new maps rollout in Operation 4 with two old favorites returning in the form of Blood Drive and Checkout. Reactor is the newest addition to the Gears family of classic maps based in a Pendulum Wars era facility diving into a relatively unexplored area of the universe. If you’re looking for some more Gnasher fights and tight lanes these maps will tickle your fancy.

The reactor from the Operation 4 Map, Reactor

All new Gears Coins and Revamped Store Experience

If you missed the ease of unlocking cosmetics in Gears of War 4 look no further as a similar system returns once again in Gears 5. Gears Coins is the Coalitions new earnable currency that can be used to unlock almost every item in the store or upgrade PVE cards. How you earn Gears Coins you might ask? Well it’s just as simple as playing the game the game across it’s Ranked and Escape modes. You can also earn Gear Coins by progressing through the Tour of Duty. Feedback given to The Coalition has not fallen on deaf ears and the scrap and supply systems have been removed.

Through Gears Coins you now have two currency systems to buy things in the Store as Iron remains the premium currency. Operation content is now no longer timed and will be moved to the permanent collection or the newly-added Featured Section. These changes have been long over due and help drive Gears into a much more consumer friendly future.

The Operation 4 Roadmap, showing the stuff coming now and in the near future

Operation 4 Roadmap

Tons of content is planned during the duration of Operation 4 spanning across all modes. Weekly updates to the store, PVP and Horde Events and two brand new characters are just a small snippet of things to come throughout. If you want to learn more about the update, click on the link here. Come join us as we launch headfirst into a new future of Gears 5! And stay tuned to Generation Xbox for continuing coverage on Gears 5 and much more.

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