Games with Gold: January 2021

Xbox has revealed the Games with Gold lineup for January 2021, and it’s a great month for free games. Kick-off the new year with four titles at no cost, available only with Xbox Live Gold or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Here’s how much you can save, and what to expect:

Little Nightmares($19.99 ERP): Available Jan. 1 to 31

Merging Burton-esque horror with stealth elements and 3D platforming, Little Nightmares is a unique adventure. Guide your character, Six, through The Maw and avoid all of its horrors and creatures as you make your escape through one’s imagination.

The King of Fighters XIII($29.99ERP): Available Jan. 1 to 15

One of the fiercest fighting games of the 2010s, The King of Fighters XIII is an explosive display of combat. Using a roster of 20+ playable characters, unleash devastating combos and build up special attacks to dominate your opponents!

Dead Rising($19.99 ERP): Available Jan. 16 to Feb. 15

A remastered version of the original game, go back to where it all began for photojournalist Frank West. Use anything inside the Willamette shopping mall to fight off an army of zombies, uncover clues, and find out the truth behind it all within 72 hours!

Breakdown($9.99ERP): Available Jan. 16 to 31

An original Xbox classic, Breakdown is a first-person action-adventure game that combines brutal hand-to-hand fighting with advanced weaponry in thrilling combat. Get your hands dirty and relive the suspense of Breakdown’s all-out storyline!

With classic titles like Dead Rising and Breakdown, Games with Gold in January boasts some of its best games to date. In addition to great content, there’s close to $80 of savings to be had in the upcoming month. Tack on 3000 Gamerscore associated with the four games, and you’ll be able to keep busy for a while.

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