FPS Boost Feature Comes to Xbox Series X|S, Doubles Framerates

Today, Xbox announced that they are bringing a new feature named FPS Boost to Xbox Series X|S. In the announcement, the team shared that certain games can now run at twice the original framerate. These games get a substantial performance improvement, jumping from 30 to 60 FPS. Most importantly, this is all done without any work from the developer, and with no update for the player. We might be about to see a lot more classic games get next-gen performance enhancements.

FPS Boost, developed by the backwards compatibility team, uses a variety of methods to double the original framerate. For a few, it can even quadruple them, so some games jump from 30 to 120 FPS. Starting today, the feature is available on a few select games: Watch Dogs 2, Farcry 4, UFC 4, Sniper Elite 4 and New Super Lucky’s Tale. The first four games receive a boost to 60 FPS, but New Super Lucky’s Tale jumps to 120 FPS. The team chose these games as a showcase for the new feature, but Paul Eng, Senior Program Manager at Xbox, shared that we should expect this feature to become available on more games soon.

According to a Digital Foundry analysis video, there are no changes to game data at all. The game still thinks it’s running at the original framerate, but the output on screen is higher. Many games on previous generations tied their physics engine to the framerate, meaning that increasing it could cause issues. With this solution, because the game still thinks it is running at the original framerate, there shouldn’t be any problems.

For now, it seems these games are automatically boosted to the higher framerate. Starting in Spring, however, a new system update will launch, allowing us to see which games use the FPS Boost feature. We will also be able to toggle it on and off, so you can still play the game in the original framerate if you choose.

You can try out the new FPS Boost feature on the games mentioned above today. Sniper Elite 4 and New Super Lucky’s Tale are both available on Xbox Game Pass, so you should download them now and see FPS Boost in action yourself!

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