Fortnite Monthly Subscription Announced

Epic Games have announced a monthly Fortnite Subscription service, named Fortnite Crew. The Crew Subscription is available starting December 2nd, arriving alongside Chapter 2 – Season 5. It will cost $11.99, granting the player access to the current season’s Battle Pass along with a bundle of other digital goods.

As mentioned above, Fortnite Crew subscribers will gain access to the current season’s Battle Pass. However, Battle Passes aren’t monthly occurrences. Last year, for example, Epic Games only released 4 passes. Therefore, if you have already gained access to the current Battle Pass, the following months will grant you 950 V Bucks to use in the shop. This will continue until the team release another Battle Pass, or you cancel your subscription.

The Crew subscription will also grant players 1000 V Bucks every month as part of their subscription. Players can use these in the Fortnite store on a range of cosmetics, such as skins, pickaxes and emotes. 1000 V Bucks usually cost $7.99.

Subscribers will also get a monthly outfit bundle called the Crew Pack. These bundles include an exclusive skin, along with at least one matching accessory. This could be a pickaxe, glider or emote for example.

December’s Crew Pack includes a Galaxia skin, shown in the image above. You will also get her Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling to accompany the outfit.

Everything included in the Crew subscription is yours to keep. This means that if you unsubscribe from the service, you will still be able to use any skins, accessories and V Bucks you have been granted as a member. You will also retain access to your current Battle Pass.

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