Forager – The Indie Gem You Need to Explore

Forager is an open word, exploration, craftathon style title that is inspired by many beloved games of the genre. If you’ve fell in loves with gaming titles such as Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper or Terraria this gem will fall right at home with you. With this title being on Xbox Game Pass on console and PC now is the perfect time to embark on adventure to explore a world full of secrets, perils, puzzles, and charm.

Who Made Forager?

Forager was developed by HopFrog (Mariano Cavallero) in partnership with Humble Games that released on April 18th in 2019. A little fun fact about this title is that its prototype was created in just two weeks for a game jam. All the way back in 2017 when this title was up for voting on Steam Greenlight the little project showed so much potential. With Mariano’s love it has transcended beyond a simple indie creation as he has supported this game with multiple updates starting with the Appreciation Update all the way to the Multiplayer Update. Mariano’s passion has gathered a dedicated community that continues to carry this game across all it’s platforms.

Tell me More About the Updates!

For those who are worried about Indie games not being feature complete well you shouldn’t fret with Forager. Due to support for the game monumental player provided considerable feedback and thanks to those great ideas and suggestions Mariano put together a roadmap in early 2019 that delivered some incredible content to Forager. Here are just a few highlights below.  

  • Custom Biomes and Structures
  • New Lands
  • Plethora of new items
  • Weather Effects
  • New Bosses and Enemies
  • Mod Support

A 2D adventure packed with incredible content that continues to blow you away? Why are you still reading this? Go download it right away and then come back.

Forager’s Features

Players have unlimited options of events to partake in this world. You could spend endless hours obtaining and gathering resources, building structures or expanding your terrain. Players can farm, tend to adorable pixelated animals, milk cows and even shear sheep. You can mine, cut trees, fish and even display items in a Museum like that of Animal Crossing. The larger question at play is what can’t you do in Forager?

Leveling up is key in this title as your experience continue to build up by obtaining skills in various categories. These four categories expand across multiple different playstyles so you can finetune the experience exactly to your liking. The expansion of abilities not only make the game a bit easier, but it also makes the game even more fun. Combat skills making the fighting an absolute joy to partake in and you won’t find yourself ever thinking confrontations a chore.

In Conclusion

Forager is a rare experience that’s a complete breath of fresh air developed by an incredibly passionate individual. It combines so many popular aspects from your favorite titles in an absolutely charming experience. While 2D animation can seem quite simple the game is far from it. Combat is fast paced, playstyles are vast and expansive, and base building is a care-free laid-back enjoyment. Do yourself a favor and if you have Game Pass, download this title. And if you don’t have Game Pass it’s only $20. Go support a passionate creator and have a jolly good time while doing so.

You can sign up for Xbox Game Pass here. And stay tuned to Generation Xbox for everything from the world of Xbox.

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