First Xbox Series X|S Console Update Unveiled

Xbox has just announced and released the first console update for the Xbox Series X|S. While some folks have yet to get their hands on next-gen consoles, Series X|S owners can enjoy some brand new features. Dynamic backgrounds, “Optimized for Xbox Series X|S” badges, Auto HDR tags, and more roll out on consoles November 30th. Let’s break it down.

Dynamic Backgrounds

The latest in Xbox personalization, dynamic backgrounds make their shiny next-gen debut. Users now have the option to choose from six different color schemes highlighted with added motion. Now you can pay your respects to older generations with designs influenced by older Xbox consoles. Stay tuned for more designs in future updates!

Auto HDR Tags

One of the Series X|S’ best qualities is Auto HDR. With the setting enabled it can improve the visual quality of games without actually changing their overall look. Now players will be notified when Auto HDR is active during gameplay. While a game is active, accessing the guide will provide a notification in the corner of their screen confirming the use of Auto HDR.

Pre-install games on Xbox Game Pass

The biggest feature of the Xbox console update, Game Pass subscribers can now view and pre-install specific games before they arrive. No more waiting for download times on release day; games will be ready to play the moment they’re available. Not all games will be eligible for this feature, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. The Game Pass mobile app will now let you queue installations for select upcoming games as well.

“Optimized for Series X|S” Badges

More games are providing updates in order to work with the Series X|S’ increased performance. In order to identify which games are optimized for next-gen, players can now find the distinct “X|S” badge on game tiles located within the Games and Full Library screens. An additional filtering option to search for “Optimized for Series X|S” games has also been added.

Series X|S console owners can download the first update and enjoy new features now. For the entire list of updates, click here. Take a look at Generation Xbox’s news section for all the latest developments surrounding games, Series X|S, Game Pass, and more.

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