Far Cry 6 and One Franchise That Needs to Return

Well, it’s official. After mistakenly posting a game listing on the Hong Kong Playstation Store page, Ubisoft confirmed Far Cry 6 by releasing a teaser clip. And it has Gus Fring! Or at least the actor who plays Gus in Breaking Bad. Editor: Giancarlo Esposito. The original post showed a release date of February 2021.

This news certainly has me excited for Ubisoft’s event Sunday. I love the Far Cry series and can’t wait for the next installment. This got me thinking of my other favorite Ubisoft series though. One that has been packed away in a box in the attic for several years. I’m talking about Splinter Cell.

A few years back Ubisoft brought back the iconic Sam Fisher character in Ghost Recon Wildlands. It was in the form of some DLC after the initial release, but certainly caught me by surprise. Recently, I purchased the original three Splinter Cell games to relive the glory days.

The gameplay is still fun, but definitely lacks some modern touches. I remember things like moving through curtains and them following delicately being so cool. And all the gadgets and abilities Sam has at his disposal are fantastic. All this to say, it’s time for a return of the Third Echelon.

There have been rumors the last few years, but nothing official of course. Recently, the creative director for the last two Splinter Cell games returned to Ubisoft after a short stint at Epic. At E3 2017, the Ubisoft CEO didn’t fully dismiss the idea of a new Splinter Cell game.

Three years have passed since that interview. And with everything happening in 2020, I would jump for joy with if new installment is in the works. Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for coverage on the Ubisoft event and much more from the world of Xbox.

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