Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Updates

It looks like Fallout 76 players got some much needed Christmas presents! That’s right, the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop just got some new items so you can take on Appalachia and make your C.A.M.P stand out among the rest.

Appalachia has seen its many ups and downs, and you’ve been through the worst of it dealing with the Scorched. Similarly, the Brotherhood of Steel has just moved in. Perhaps you want some new stuff just in case things with them go south. Let’s take a glimpse at what Fallout 76 has stored for the week of January 13th to January 19th 2021.

Atomic Shop: Everyone Likes Free Stuff

The Atomic Shop is stocked full of brand new items, and there are two new things available. One of the things you can claim for free is the Natural Resistance Player icon.

Along with the player icon, Fallout 1st members can get the Brotherhood of Steel Tactical Ops Suit for free!

ItemAvailable Until
Natural ResistanceJanuary 19
Brotherhood Tactical Ops Suit February 2

Get These Before They’re Gone

There are quite a few items in the Atomic Shop that are only available for a limited time. With these new items, you can customize your Power Armor, make yourself the talk of the town, or create a more cozy base.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
US Army Power Armor Paint Set1,200January 26
Bone Gas Mask500February 2
Vault-Tec Prototype Water Purifier300February 2
Tactical covert Ops Underarmor700 490(30% Off!)January 19
Hero of the Wasteland Statue Set500 350(30% Off!)January 19
Iron Hero of the Great War Statue500 350(30% Off!)January 19
Military Beret Set300 210(30% Off!)January 19
Stackable Tires with Chains300 150(50% Off!)January 19

As well as all of these impressive items, there are some other limited time offers that have been given extended availability.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Atrium Shelter1800—-
Whitesprings C.A.M.P. Bundle1,200—-

As you’ve noticed, many of these items are only available until January 19th, so you must check out the Atomic Shop before many of these items are taken off for good. Speaking of departing goods, there are a few things that were brought back by popular demand! Make sure to take a look at these before they too return to the void.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
The Flying Fortress700 490(30% off!)January 19
Nuka-Cola Wallpaper Set800 400(50% Off!)January 19
Mosaic Tiled Floor500 350(30% Off!)January 19

RIP Gone, But Not Forgotten

You may also notice items that have been on the market are now labeled with an expiration date. It’s true; some beloved Atomic Shop items are being removed for some of the incoming stuff. Starting at 12:00PM ET, these items will also be taken off.

ItemAtom Price
New Years Eve Bundle1,200
Gala Dress700
Grandfather Clock500
Rifle Drill Emote250
Sequin Tuxedo800
Trail Fireworks x 10150

Atomic Shop: Weekly Offers

Alright, there were quite a few things that are leaving the Atomic Shop soon, but there are plenty of weekly offers that Fallout 76 is showing off.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Raider Scavenger Station500 350(30% Off!)January 19
Poodle Skirt and Sweater Top700 490(30% Off!)January 19
Billboard Shop Set500 350(30% off!)January 19
Vending Machine Set500 350(30% Off!)January 19
Rustic Sink300 210(30% off!)January 19
Vendor Sign Set300 210(30% Off!)January 19
Responders Camp Signage Set250 175(30% Off!)January 19
Fruit Hat (Fallout 1st)500 350(30% Off!)January 19

There’s plenty to get your hands on before time runs out! What do you think of all the latest items available in the Atomic Shop? Is there anything that’ll be the perfect fit for your base? Let us know over on the forums, or on our social media! Whilst you’re here, check out more from our team below:

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