Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Updates: January 26-February 2

The Atomic Shop has all of your post-apocalyptic gear ready for your disposal. This week’s update is filled with new items in the shop and added daily challenges. Want to get into the loving spirit? Well, Fallout 76‘s new Spread The Love event will do just that. Until February 16th, players can get these awesome rewards after completing the new Valentine’s Day challenges. You can complete these challenges with the new Heart Wrencher pipe wrench skin! The Heart Wrencher skin is free in the Atomic Shop and is craftable in-game.

Give ’em a little bit of tough love!

During this event, you will be given a new daily challenge that will reward you with a Lunchbox, Perk Card or Repair Kit. As well as weekly challenges for added rewards!

Daily: Kill 5 enemies with the Heart WrencherLunchbox, Perk Card Pack, or Repair Kit
Weekly: Defeat 30 Robots with the Heart WrencherRobCo T-Shirt and Shorts
Weekly: Defeat 30 Super Mutants with the Heart WrencherGreen Backwoods Bungalow
Weekly: Defeat 30 Mirelurks with the Heart WrencherLobster Trapper Helmet

Atomic Shop: Get These While They’re Still Here!

The Fallout 76 map is no stranger to large copious amounts of walking. Trying to save every cap you can find can be both physically and mentally exhausting for even the seasoned Wastelander. Perhaps you need a change in scenery, away from your C.A.M.P., or you think you deserve to be anywhere else other than the irradiated woods.

The Vault Quarters Shelter is possibly one of the most creative, detailed additions available in the Atomic Shop! You and your wasteland friends can post up in an underground shelter that feels just like home.

Home Sweet Home

That’s not the only thing offered in the Atomic Shop, but awesome decorations to make your vault quarters feel more “lived-in.” Especially if you are a big fan of neon signs!

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Vault Quarters Shelter1,500N/A
Park Ranger Power Armor Skin1,200February 23
Burgundy Modular Sofa Set500February 23
Fancy Bar Set700 560(20% Off!)February 2
Slocum’s Diner Bar Set700 560(20% Off!)February 2
Slocum’s Joe Neon Billboards300 240(20% Off!)February 2
Nuka Quantum Neon Sign300 150(50% Off!)February 2
Old Possum Malt Liquor Neon Sign300 150(50% Off!)February 2
Pickaxe Pilsner Neon Sign300 150(50% Off!)February 2

Don’t Call It A Comeback

The Atomic Shop is also bringing back a few favorite items that you may have missed out on. Only available until 12 PM EST on listed dates, you can come back to the shop and grab some of the items you didn’t get a hold of initially.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Junkyard C.A.M.P Bundle1,200N/A
Junkyard Power Armor paint1,200February 2
Ammo Converter500N/A
Junkyard Fences500N/A
Fusion Flea Stash Box500N/A
Rain Water Collector500N/A
Mothman Cultist Tripod Alter250N/A
Pack Rat Backpack500 350(30% Off!)February 2
Tire Toiler300 210(30% Off!)February 2

So Long, Farewell…

Perhaps you thought Fallout 76 wasn’t going to get rid of a particular item in the shop. “Oh, I’ll just get that next time,” is probably something you have said while browsing. Let’s hope it’s none of these. That’s right, these lovely items are being thrown out of the Atomic Shop on February 2nd, promptly at 12 PM EST.

ItemAtom Price
Shelters Mainframe Bundle1500
Vault-Tec Prototype Water Purifier300
Bone Gas Mask500
Modular Mainframe Set700
Vault-Tec Locker Bay500
Deco Carpeteria Set300
Vault Lamp Set300
Artificial Tree250
Wall-Mounted Desk Fan250
Some of these may even look nice in your new Vault Quarters Shelter.

Atomic Shop: Weekly Offers

As always, Fallout 76 never lets you down in the shop without mentioning their weekly offers.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Nuka Cola Vending Machine500 350(30% Off!)January 26February 1
Down Home Wallpaper Bundle800 400(50% Off!)January 26February 1
Pristine Moe the Mole Outfit800 400(50% Off!)February 1February 2
Nuka-Cola Dark Power Armor Skin1,200 840(30% Off!)February 1February 2
Plague Doctor Mask (Fallout 1st)500 350(30% Off!)January 26February 2

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