Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Updates: January 19-26

If you are getting ready to look at the Atomic Shop, you may be pleasantly surprised by some of the new items they have in stock. There may even be some familiar cosmetic items that have been marked down for sale!

The Atomic Shop is always updating its market with new or on sale goods. Let’s look at what is available for the week of January 19th-26th.

Atomic Shop: Free Stuff

Free stuff is always good and just wait until you see what is available!

Want to look like you own the Red Rocket Mega Stop? The Greaser Pose is free for all players!

Don’t worry, Fallout 1st members! Fallout 76 never forgets about you. For those who have a Fallout 1st membership, you still have time to get your hands on the Brotherhood Tactical Ops Suit!

ItemAvailable Until
Greaser PoseJanuary 26
Brotherhood Tactical Ops Suit (Fallout 1st)February 2

Get These Before They’re Gone!

The Atomic Shop also has a few items that will be leaving by the 26th. Some of these goodies aren’t things you want to leave behind, so make sure you take a look before they’re gone!

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Ammo Converter500N/A
Bone Gas Mask500February 2
Vault-Tec Prototype Water Purifier300February 2
Liberty Prime Power Armor Paint Set1,800 1,260(30% Off!)January 26
Shadow Prime Power Armor1,800 1,260(30% Off!)January 26
Stalker Outfit900 630(30% Off!)January 26
Caravan Trader Outfit900 630(30% Off!)January 26
Wasteland Trapper Outfit900 630(30% Off!)January 26
Survivalist’s Outfit800 560(30% Off!)January 26

Better get that Ammo Converter while the expiration date for its availability is still up in the air.

Atomic Shop: Favorites

Remember how awesome Gauss weapons are? The Atomic Shop remembered and brought some of those weapons back. The Clandestine Secret Service Gauss Shotgun is back, along with some cosmetic attributes for the weapons you already have.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Clandestine Gauss Weapon Bundle1,200N/A
Enclave Power Armor Paint1,400January 26
Clandestine Secret Service Gauss Shotgun500N/A
Clandestine Secret Service Gauss Pistol Paint500N/A
Clandestine Secret Service Gauss Minigun Paint500N/A
Enclave Power Armor Station500January 26

Atomic Shop: Off The Market

Here are some other items that are going to be taken off the Atomic Shop by 12:00PM ET on January 26th.

ItemAtom Price
US Army Power Armor Paint Set1,200
Fireman Flamer Weapon Skin400 280(30% Off!)
Vault-Tec Refrigerator500

January 19 – 26 Items

ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Greaser Leather Jacket800 400(50% Off!)January 19January 26
Classic Jukebox500 350(30% Off!)January 19January 26
The Quack Outfit (Fallout 1st)900 630(30% Off!)January 19January 26

Make sure to check out the Atomic Shop this week! What have you been doing in Fallout 76 this week? Let us know over on the forums or on our social media! Whilst you’re here, check out more from our team below:

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