Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update – May 11 – 18

C.A.M.P. appreciation throughout Fallout 76 is becoming more of a staple to the game’s experience. Players have spent many hours scouring Appalachia in search of supplies to make their C.A.M.P.s state-of-the-art. Many of the best C.A.M.P. accessories can be found and purchased at the Atomic Shop, and this week, the shop has many items for C.A.M.P.s. Finding ideas for your own home can be difficult and drawing inspiration from others can do you some good.

Going into a C.A.M.P. that is well put together is becoming more common, and many players want to show their appreciation. The Atomic Shop still has the “Nice C.A.M.P” emote available for free! There isn’t an expiration date on when to get it, so as of now, you have time to grab it. That isn’t the only thing free in the Atomic Shop this week. For Fallout 1st players, the Warhead Armor Paint for Power Armor is still available for free.

The Warhead Power Armor Paint is only available until June 1st. That is still plenty of time, but with the number of hours spent playing Fallout 76, that date can sneak up on you.

ItemAvailable Until
Nice C.A.M.P. EmoteN/A
Warhead Power Armor Paint (Fallout 1st)June 1

Fallout 76 also has another special going on for players. For each day you play, you receive a gift in the Atomic Shop. May 11th was a gift of 250 caps, and so each day this week until May 17th, you can get a free item!

ItemAvailable On
Caps x 250May 11
Trail FireworksMay 12
LunchboxMay 13
Scrap KitMay 14
Vault-Tec Supply Package (level 2)May 15
LunchboxMay 16
Repair KitMay 17

Atomic Shop: Get These While They’re Still Here!

While in Vault 76, Vault Dwellers were taught the best ways to help rebuild society and help the survivors managed above ground. It is hard to find friendly people in this new world, and Appalachia isn’t necessarily the place you want to raise a family. However, before Vault 76 opened, Appalachia had some help from the Responders who had been seen making a comeback to aid the newcomers.

The Responders Bundle is now available in the Atomic Shop, which includes the Responders Power Armor!

ItemAtom Price
Responders Bundle1800
Responders Power Armor1500
Vault-Tec Water Fountain500
Responders Backpack500
Responders C.A.M.P. Signage Set250
Klaxon Wall Light250
Crossed Axes Wall Décor250
Responders Pip-Boy Skin400
Responders Red Player Icon150

Excitingly enough, there are still items that were showcased last week that are still available now!

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Hellfire Regulator Power Armor Paint1200May 18
Mr Fuzzy Power Armor Helmet500May 25
Cash Register Vending Machine500May 25

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Some items that once left the shop are now back for sale in the Atomic Shop.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Liberty Prime Power Armor Set1800 1440(20% Off!)June 1
Invasion from the Stars Bundle1500N/A
Down Home Dweller Bundle1000N/A
Down Home Comfort Bundle1500May 18
Scrap Kit x 401000 700(30% Off!)May 18
Responders Fire Chief Outfit900 630(30% Off!)May 18
Responders Stash Box500 350(30% Off!)May 18
Ambulance Gurney Set250 175(30% Off!)May 18
First Responders Photomode Frame150 75(30% Off!)May 18

There are many exciting new items in the Atomic Shop, but there is still more where that came from. Until May 18th at 12 PM EST, these specific items are available in the Atomic Shop.

ItemAtom Price
Square Rug Bundle500
Decorative Room Divider250
Avocado Square Rug200
Beige Square Rug200
Charcoal Square Rug200
Maroon Square Rug200
Teal Square Rug200
Sparkler Pose500 350(30% Off!)
West Virginia Backpack500 350(30% Off!)

Atomic Shop: Weekly Offers

The Atomic Shop always has its classic weekly offers!

ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Black Shovel Backpack500 350(30% Off!)May 11May 12
Well – Traveled Pip-Boy Skin400 280(30% Off!)May 12May 13
Coffin Backpack500 350(30% Off!)May 13May 14
Dough-Boy (Slocum’s Joe) Pip-Boy Skin400 280(30% Off!)May 14May 15
Amatuer Inventor’s Laser Gun Skin500 350(30% Off!)May 15May 16
Firemans Flamer Skin400 280(30% Off!)May 16May 17
Fireman Excavator Paint800 560(30% Off!)May 17May 18
Lunchbox x40 (Fallout 1st)1000May 11May 1

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