Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update: February 9 – February 16

Even survivors in the post-apocalypse can find a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and the Atomic Shop has everything you need. Still available until February 16th, the “Heart Wrencher” pipe wrench skin is yours for the taking to show that special someone how much they mean to you.

Once you craft and equip the “Heart Wrencher,” you’ll be introduced to new challenges and events where you can get interesting rewards for completing!

Daily: Kill 5 enemies with the Heart WrencherLunchbox, Perk Card Pack, or Repair Kit
Weekly: Defeat 30 Robots with the Heart WrencherRobCo T-Shirt and Shorts
Weekly: Defeat 30 Super Mutants with the Heart WrencherGreen Backwoods Bungalow
Weekly: Defeat 30 Mirelurks with the Heart WrencherLobster Trapper Helmet and Outfit

Time is running out to claim the “Heart Wrencher” and the opportunity to get these awesome rewards!

Atomic Shop: Get These While They’re Still Here!

Appalachia has a lot to offer… from destroyed planes now used as generators, to run-down car seats striped and used as furniture. In Fallout 76, the Atomic Shop has all of your needs and desires! Be sure to get your hands on some of these items before they leave the shop on their listed dates.

Atomic Shop
ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Small C.A.M.P. Bundle1,200February 16
Corvega Diner Seat500February 16
Gumball Machine Planter500February 16
Barbershop Pole250February 16
Heart Shaped Geode250February 16
Wheel Flower Set250February 16
Hubcap Flower Set250February 16
Downed Plane Generator (Fallout 1st)0March 2

Don’t Call It A Comeback

You probably have missed opportunities to purchase something from the shop and thought that they would never return. But don’t worry, Fallout 76 thought about you. There are a few items that are being restocked on the shelves for a limited time. Be sure to get them before the dates listed!

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Fasnacht Mask Bundle1,200February 23
Fasnacht Collectron Station500February 23
Faces of Fasnacht Wallpaper500February 23
Fasnacht Floor500February 23
Fasnacht Red Raven Mask500February 23
Fasnacht Green Crazy Guy Mask500February 23
Fasnacht Red Deathclaw Mask500February 16

So Long, Farewell…

Turn that frown upside down; you still have time to grab some of these items before they are off Atomic Shop for good! There are plenty of Valentine’s Day items that you can purchase with your Atoms before your rose wilt. Decorating your C.A.M.P. for the occasion certainly got more manageable. These items are only available until February 16th, 12:00PM EST.

ItemAtom Price
Share the Love Mega Bundle1,400
Valentine’s Day Power Armor Paint900
Valentine’s Backpack400
Valentine’s Wallpaper Bundle400
Pink Neon Heart Sign300
Valentine’s Day Megasloth Rug300
Mr. Fuzzy Valentine’s Day Plushie300
Heart Balloons200

Atomic Shop: Weekly Offers

Fallout 76 always makes sure to keep the Atomic Shop stocked with some incredible goods. When you stop by the Atomic Shop, be sure to take a look at the weekly offers! You can always be sure to find something that will suit your fancy.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Red Rocket Ranger Power Armor Bundle1,800 1,260(30% Off!)February 15February 16
Gold Plated .50 Cal skin500 100(80% Off!)February 12February 16
Pot of Gold Lootbag500 100(80% Off!)February 12February 16
.44 Gold Paint400 80(80% Off!)February 12February 16
Gold Combat Dagger400 80(80% Off!)February 12February 16
Repair Kit x 12250February 9February 16
Scrap Kit x 12250February 9February 16
Gold Mr. Rocket Kiddie Ride (Fallout 1st)500 350(30% Off!)February 9February 16

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