Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update: February 2 – 9

The Atomic Shop is always there for your post-apocalyptic needs. The Atomic Shop’s new items are sure to prepare for the dangers of Appalachia, including the available Valentine’s Day challenges and events added last week. Fallout “lovebirds” still have time to get their hands on the Heart Wrencher pipe wrench skin for Valentine’s Day! Give the person you love the most a little tough love with this disguised pipe wrench, available until February 16th.

Reminder! Players have until February 16th to participate in heart-felt events and challenges.

Daily: Kill 5 enemies with the Heart WrencherLunchbox, Perk Card Pack, or Repair Kit (Repeating)
Weekly: Defeat 30 Robots with the Heart WrencherRobCo T-Shirt and Shorts
Weekly: Defeat 30 Super Mutants with the Heart WrencherGreen Backwoods Bungalow
Weekly: Defeat 30 Mirelurks with the Heart WrencherLobster Trapper Helmet and Outfit

Atomic Shop: Get These While They’re Still Here!

In Fallout 76, it may not be that difficult to find a place in the woods, but perhaps you haven’t been able to flesh out that “Lumberjack” look. The Atomic Shop has all your woods-person needs in the new update, including your very own cabin!

It also looks like Fallout 1st players have nice present! It can be hard to come across a generator in the apocalypse, especially one as cool as this. The Downed Plane Generator is an item available for Fallout 1st players for free until March 2.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Lumberjack Outdoor Bundle1,500February 23
Log Cabin Kit500February 23
Treetop Daredevils Outfit500February 23
Treetop Daredevils Hat250February 23
Decorative Rock Set250February 23
Log Table250February 23
Log Chairs250February 23
Chicken Coop500N/A
Downed Plane Generator (Fallout 1st)0March 2

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Some of your Atomic Shop favorites are headed back on the market for a limited time. This includes the Valentine’s Day Power Armor Paint set and the Valentine’s Day Backpack! So, you and that special someone can watch a nuke irradiate everything in the Cranberry Bog… in matching power armor!

Other items have come back to the Atomic Shop until 12 PM EST on the dates below.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Share the Love Mega Bundle1,400February 16
Valentine’s Day Power Armor Paint900February 16
Valentine’s Backpack400February 16
Valentine’s Wallpaper Bundle400February 16
Pink Neon Heart Sign300February 16
Valentine’s Day Megasloth Rug300February 16
Mr. Fuzzy Valentine’s Day Plushie300February 16
Heart Balloons200February 16

So Long, Farewell…

Don’t be sad; it’s just their time to go. These items are leaving the Atomic Shop for good, and they’re pretty valuable. Make sure you make time to look through these items before writing them off. They are only available until February 9, 12 PM EST.

ItemAtom Price
Whitesprings C.A.M.P. Bundle1,500
Organatronic Deluxe500
Golf Cart Coin-Op Ride500
Whitesprings Wallpaper Set500
Window Awnings500
Whitesprings Floor Set500
Kirby Head Art Deco Bust Set250

Atomic Shop: Weekly Offers

As usual, the weekly offers that the Atomic Shop has to offer.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Lying Out Pose500 250(50% Off!)February 2February 9
Repair Kit x 401000 800(20% Off!)February 2February 9
Blood Raider Excavator Power Armor (Fallout 1st)1000 500(50% Off!)February 2February 9

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