Fable Reveal

YES! The Fable title is back after 10+ years. The developers at Playground, see Forza Horizon, will have a crack at this sword stuck in the rock. Adding writers from Borderlands, GTA V, and Batman games will give this single player heavy game extra sauce. British humor with the magical nature is the chorus to the games melody. Elegant strokes of strings and harmonies of a soft chorus fill you with nostalgia and peace. No gameplay was shown, which is expected. Speculation goes that Fable will be more of an MMO, but I highly doubt we don’t see a massive single player campaign with an incredible reward system.

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer begins with a symphony of strings and chorus, as a fairy flies near a sword with the Heroes Guild on the pommel. She continues along to a flower and just as she leans in to sniff, a frog snatches her in its mouth. Oops. Everything the Fable community needed to hear and see to make their dreams s a reality, happened. Albion is the massive country where Fable primarily takes place.

At the end you see a spectacular town center, reminiscent of Bowerstone which is the largest town in Albion. Cue Fable name and that it will be on Xbox Game Pass. 1st and 2nd Fable games featured you as the adopted child of the Heroes Guild. A conclave of magically and/or physically gifted individuals that are trained as heroes for the land. Fable 3 had you as a small, peasant boy that became king.

Will you be the revered savior or the scourge that plagues the land? The major decisions that shape your character play a huge part on the environment in the Fable series. I advise you all to play Fable 1-3, *cough* Xbox game pass *cough*. Embrace the storybook journey you go through.

The morality system of Fable is what makes it truly unique from the rest. The small, menial actions to the perilous, story altering decisions, all will add up and show on your character at the end. If you were good, a halo,angel wings, even blue light appeared around your form. Horns, demon wings, dark red light radiated from your form is you chose evil.

What to Expect

I have no clue whether they will incorporate the multiplayer aspect that Legends tried, the co op campaign and weapon share that Fable 2 tried, or the ruler of the land – endgame that Fable 3 had.┬áThe guild symbol on the pommel of the sword shows a great sign that this series is getting back to its grassroots. Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios were the creators of Fable. He is quite a visionary, who often boasted and showcased numerous features that never made the final cut due to time and technological restraints. Hopefully we can see some of his ideas trickle into the new game.

What I’m Hoping For

1. Vast single player campaign with co op capabilities. However, multiplayer could go different ways here, either hero match ups like DOTA, WoW group raiding and quest collecting, or For Honor route and just have at it. They can do whatever they want for multi player but you better believe majority of fans watching this trailer will want a long, vast story line that takes you for another emotional roller coaster.

2. The more places to adventure, old rivals to learn about, trails that causes random encounters, and/or give me more lore than I think I can handle. A massive Albion database where people can find any info about the game would be helpful. The 3 games together could form a marvelous database like in Mass Effect. Researching about the land, learning of the heroes new and old, with collectibles would be a great spin.

3. Trading card games and items. Fable produced some great pub games and these cool item cards that would unlock additional beards, clothes, etc. You better believe we will be shopping and hopefully buying property around town. Property managing was a great way to build money and establish a name.


Stay tuned and stay excited with me as we welcome back Fable after a 10 year slumber. All the Fable games are on Xbox Game Pass if you’re looking for a refresh. Halo: Infinite reveal is out, which you can check out here. Tannenberg review is done as well! Check out the rest of the site including other Xbox showcase reveals and game reviews!


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